Author: Antonia Williams-Annunziata

Antonia Williams-Annunziata is a freelance journalist based in Beirut. She formerly ran the Region and World desk at The Daily Star.

(Photo: Amnesty International)
Human rights groups renew calls for Kafala reform amid worsening crisis

The economic crisis, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, has made life for migrants in Lebanon even worse.

(PHOTO: Sputnik News via AFP / Abdullah Elgamoud) migrants and migration in Europe article
Europe employs COVID-19 to restrict new migration wave

“European Union member states are co-opting the pandemic to reinforce deadly border policies,” said Haidi Sadik, a spokesperson at Sea-Watch.

Amid coronavirus lockdown, Italy faces inklings of unrest

Authorities fear both that organized crime groups will exploit the crisis and that spontaneous revolts will result from growing livelihood concerns.

Two intensive care professionals comfort each other in the ICU of a hospital in Cremona, Italy , on Friday, March 13, 2020. (Photo: Paolo Miranda / NBC News) - Italian doctors article
Italy calls for new wave of doctors in fight against coronavirus

Could Italy’s problems also arise in Lebanese hospitals?

An employee wearing a protective mask near the ward where the first coronavirus case in Lebanon is being treated, at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital. (AFP / Arab News)
Coronavirus, hospital fees, and medicine shortage: Lebanon’s healthcare sector under threat

Is the Lebanese medical field prepared for both coronavirus and the ongoing economic crisis?

(Illustration of rubber bullets article by Christina Atik)
Doctor offers protesters free eye surgeries after security forces “shoot-to-harm”

Riot police in Lebanon were shooting rubber bullets and tear gas canisters directly into crowds at chest-level.

Lebanese security forces disperse anti-government protesters in Beirut on January 18, 2020. Hussam Chbaro/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Violence
Violence continues in Beirut as security forces clash with protesters

Clashes between protesters and security forces left more than 300 people wounded over the weekend,.

Riot police stand behind riot shields in a cloud of tear gas during protests against the economic crisis outside a Bank of Beirut office in Beirut. January 14, 2020. (PHOTO: Reuters / Mohamed Azakir) / Week of Anger / Protesters and security forces clash
Week of Anger: Protesters clash with security forces on day 90 of demonstrations

Reports suggest that 50 protesters were detained.

Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn gestures during a news conference at the Lebanese Press Syndicate in Beirut, Lebanon January 8, 2020. (PHOTO: REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir)
Ghosn details “injustice” in first appearance, authorities react

“I am here to clear my name.”

Qasem Soleimani
Soleimani’s death further destabilizes Lebanon

“Lebanon will be affected, and Hezbollah will counter-attack.”