"Palestine rejects division, no to colonial annexation" (Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud / The Palestine Chronicle)
The razor’s edge of Israeli apartheid: Annexation or ethno-state?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may (or may not) begin to lead cabinet discussions concerning.

Lebanese politicians are pushing for laws that jail those who insult them

As the economic crisis keeps unfolding & corruption remains rampant, having free voices is essential to properly understanding public needs.

From blackface to bleaching creams, racism is clear-cut in the Arab World
From blackface to bleaching creams, racism is clear-cut in the Arab World

Delve into colonialism, the arrival and persistence of blackface in the region, skin bleaching creams, and unlearning racist practices in the Arab World.

ICC and grand corruption in Lebanon
ICC’s potential role in ending Lebanon’s saga of grand corruption

While Grand corruption is not in the list of core international crimes over which the ICC has jurisdiction, the Court can investigate crimes against humanity.

Workers Unite: The rise, fall, and future of Lebanon’s labour movement

What will it take to sustain the workers movement on the long run?

How do we prevent the total collapse of the Lebanese Pound?

The national currency needs to be prevented from total collapse, and this needs to be done in a pragmatic and gradual approach with a clear bias towards protecting the interests of the majority of the population against the predatory behavior of the ruling cartel.

An anti-government protester throws back tear gas at riot policemen with a tennis racket in Beirut, Lebanon on June 6, 2020. (Photo: Al-Jazeera via AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)
Lebanon’s security forces will only get more violent, protesters say

As security officials increasingly turn against the people, a police state is slowly taking hold across the country.

Sectarian support as Lebanon's public health crisis / Clashes in Beirut on June 6, 2020 (Photo: Reuters / Aziz Taher)
Sectarianism: Lebanon’s public health emergency

As coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed, the government must declare sectarianism as its number one public health emergency.

The plight of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon under Kafala(Illustration: Christina Atik)
How Kafala dehumanizes and takes power away from migrant workers

The stranded Ethiopian domestic workers are the latest victims of Kafala, the system of modern slavery that binds foreign workers to sponsors in Lebanon.

Friends and relatives carry the coffin of slain Lebanese journalist Samir Kassir in Beirut in June, 2005. (AP Photo / Hussein Malla)
Samir Kassir in Lebanon’s October 17 uprising

In light of the 15th anniversary of his assassination, young activists filled the online space.