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WingWoman Lebanon: Reusable pads combatting period poverty

Lebanon’s economic crisis led to a 500% increase in the price of menstrual pads since 2019, with period poverty significantly on the rise.

Lebanon’s banks begin strike over “populist, harmful stances” against sector

The Association of Banks in Lebanon (ABL) announced in a statement Friday that the banking sector would go on strike Monday in protest of...

World Bank: The extended car wreck of the Lebanese economy

In a damning report released Wednesday, the World Bank slammed Lebanon’s post-civil war public finance system for its long-term departure from orderly and disciplined...

Breaking down bank secrecy in Lebanon with Dr. Mohammad Fheili |...

Economic risk expert Dr. Mohammad Fheili breaks down the battle with banks and bank secrecy in Lebanon.
A collage of the damaged grain silos in black and white, with the words “August 4” partially hidden behind them in bold red.

A city without justice: Two years after the Beirut port explosion

“With time, I am starting to lose hope over the fact that justice will be brought.”
Ablue car is wrecked at the side of the road, covered in debris from a nearby building after the Beirut blast.

“It always comes back to the explosion….”

It's been two years since the Beirut blast shook the city and its residents, who still suffer from persisting mental health issues in its wake.

March in Beirut unites feminist activists against social and economic violence

Feminists were marching to express anger towards state-sanctioned violence and harassment against marginalized groups in Lebanon.