Queerness in the Arab World Article: Photo of family on table staring at you in discontent. Reads above them: "Do you have to upset us with your feminism?"
Queerness in the Arab World: A tool to challenge a subversive reality?

“Normative social categories can be disrupted through everyday performances of resistance.”

From blackface to bleaching creams, racism is clear-cut in the Arab World
From blackface to bleaching creams, racism is clear-cut in the Arab World

Delve into colonialism, the arrival and persistence of blackface in the region, skin bleaching creams, and unlearning racist practices in the Arab World.

Dreams and nightmares under COVID-19 and economy in Lebanon article. Photo shows a the moon floating among clouds, with a sad face on.
How COVID-19 and Lebanon’s economy are affecting our dreams

We’re having a lot more nightmares while trying to cope with all the stressors and changes we’re experiencing.

The Psychology of Corruption: Into the minds of Lebanon’s leaders

What are the psychological theories that explain how Lebanon’s corrupt politicians sleep comfortably at night while everyone else starves?

ِAbou Arab
Abou Arab “reviews decision” to shut down all branches

Abou Arab reviewed its decision in light of the “relative stability” of the dollar in the past few days and the possible subsidization of food.

Tom Nook The Crook Carrying A Bag of Bells
Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook is everything that’s wrong with Lebanon

The time has come for us to rid ourselves of our island overlord, Tom Nook.

occupational hazards article
Ignoring work hazards is bad for people, businesses & Lebanon’s economy

Workers in Lebanon accept occupational hazards because they are too busy trying to feed their families, and policy-makers disregard them.

Stricter measures in Lebanon as coronavirus infections spike

“Ensuring the health of society is a top priority on which the law does not compromise, and it is a social responsibility,” said Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi.

Infodemic: Another spreading virus to fight and resist

As if the whirlpool of a global pandemic sucking the world down and drowning people.

"Neither coronavirus nor you will last," reads this sign from a protester in Lebanon on April 24. (Photo: Lebanon Express via Hussein Malla / Ap) Lira plummet article
Protesters return to the streets as value of Lebanese lira plummets

As the value of the lira plummets and costs of living rise, lockdown is proving to be another economic challenge that people in Lebanon are incapable of overcoming.