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While Lebanese officials seem keen on attending international human rights conferences, they appear to be less interested in implementing positive change to...

Racial tensions break out in Bsharre following murder of young Lebanese

Racial tensions in the northern town of Bsharre have heightened after a Lebanese man, Joseph Tawk, was killed at the hands of...

Melhem Khalaf launches roadmap to “recover the state together”

Khalaf’s launch speech touched upon the need for change, advocating independent experts and non-sectarian leadership.

“Let women cook” is a telltale sign of Lebanese women’s reality

The misogyny perpetuated by the patriarchal structure takes on several forms, and Fahmi's comment only symbolizes the tip of the iceberg.

What does mental health look like in Lebanon after the Beirut...

Isolating the mental effects of the blast from other hardships is challenging but multiple symptoms have been on the rise since August 4.