Metropolis cinema returns to business
Metropolis Cinema returns to business with series of screenings

Metropolis, home to local film festivals and independent movie screenings, announced its indefinite closure in January due to financial difficulties.

Queerness in the Arab World Article: Photo of family on table staring at you in discontent. Reads above them: "Do you have to upset us with your feminism?"
Queerness in the Arab World: A tool to challenge a subversive reality?

“Normative social categories can be disrupted through everyday performances of resistance.”

Tom Nook The Crook Carrying A Bag of Bells
Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook is everything that’s wrong with Lebanon

The time has come for us to rid ourselves of our island overlord, Tom Nook.

Quarantunes: The local, alternative songs we’re listening to right now

Nothing’s easy about being stuck in quarantine, but these local (well, sometimes regional) tunes might.

A dog wears a mask over its mouth on a street in Beijing on February 13, 2020. Pets article on Animals Lebanon
COVID-19: Pets ditched on Beirut streets, animal welfare groups swamped

On misinformation and the economic hardships of both pet owners and animal welfare groups in Lebanon.

"Louteh Mesh Msabbe," words seen spray painted across Beirut's walls during the ongoing anti-government revolution, translate to "Gay is not an insult." - LGBTQ+ article
LGBTQ+ In Lebanon: Double burdens and double realities

LGBTQ+ realities in Lebanon are so disparate that it is both one of the most liberal countries in the Arab World & one where human rights are stagnating.

Onlooker watching Kozo perform at the first Onomatopoeia "On Shuffle" concert. (Laudy Issa)
On Shuffle: Musicians faced with shrinking spaces in Lebanese economic crisis

“Any time one of these places suffer, we all suffer as a community and that’s why we all work together to keep them afloat and keep ourselves afloat.”

A giant "Stop Solidere" sign drapes over the St. Georges Hotel for all to see. (Allan Leonard)
St. Georges Hotel wins license to rebuild after decades of Solidere struggle

The Beirut municipality granted the owner of the famous St. Georges Hotel a license to renovate the damaged landmark after decades of dispute with Solidere.

Political Violence - (PHOTO: Patrick Baz)
How the political violence in Lebanon is building community resilience

Understanding how communities endure political violence helps us understand the dynamic possibilities for growth within and post adverse times.

Demonstrators sit in "Beit El Cha3eb" on the Ring highway during a protest in Lebanon. (Hussein Malla/AP)
Reclaiming Public Space During the Revolution: How We Are Reconnecting With Lebanese Cities

From highways to proactivity, people in Lebanon have taken back their essential right to exist in open, free, and accessible public spaces.