Author: Karim Saffiedine

Friends and relatives carry the coffin of slain Lebanese journalist Samir Kassir in Beirut in June, 2005. (AP Photo / Hussein Malla)
Samir Kassir in Lebanon’s October 17 uprising

In light of the 15th anniversary of his assassination, young activists filled the online space.

Man in face mask walks past a mural that reads "We Are Tired" in Tripoli, Lebanon. (Photo: AFP)
Counter-hegemony in Tripoli: Dispelling years of militarism & demonization

The neoliberal economic planning and militaristic hegemony Tripoli is resisting today is deeply rooted in perceptions of Tripoli since the 1990s.

President Michel Aoun heads a cabinet meeting on April 9, 2020. (Photo: Dalati Nohra/Handout via Reuters) Economic draft plan article
Lebanon’s economic draft plan: A bill for the many?

What answers does the leaked government draft plan provide in the midsts of Lebanon’s financial, political, and public health crises?

mothers fight back
Shi’a mothers fight back: A bargain for power in a man’s world

Their struggle is the result of a system where personal and family status codes are determined by 15 different sects, all of which discriminate against women.

Hezbollah's article: The protests in solidarity with the Syrian revolution in Beirut in 2015. (Facebook / @SRC.Lebanon)
Has solidarity with Syrians become taboo in Hezbollah’s Lebanon?

More often than not, vocal critics within Hezbollah’s local community are harassed and pressured into issuing formal and public apologies.

February 11, 2020 | Security forces fire tear gas and water cannon to break up protesters near Parliament (France 24 / AFP) | pax-Syriana policy article
Lebanon’s new political formula takes the country back to pax-Syriana

The new ministerial make-up and policy statement formula take the country not only back to October 16, but even prior to 2005.

Protesters gather near Central Bank on December 30, 2019. (Farah Baba) Banks
Collapse on Who: Unjust bank procedures face resistance

Protesters are fighting back against the collusion of Central Bank and the Lebanese authorities with bankers at the expense of the majority of the population.

Hezbollah and Lebanon’s 2019 Revolution

“We don’t accept the fall of the mandate, nor do we support the resignation of the Cabinet and early parliamentary elections in these circumstances.”

Austerity Budget 2020: What Were Lebanon’s Political Forces Pushing for?

“The people want the fall of the regime” has been echoing between hundreds of thousands.

Alternative Media in Lebanon: In Constant Conversation Between the Old and New

What does it take to be alternative?