Author: Laudy Issa

Laudy Issa is a multimedia journalist and the Managing Editor of Beirut Today. You might catch her tripping over wires in local theatres or gigs.

Wissam Saad sits at his desk in his persona at Al Jadeed
When will Lebanese television comedians learn to respect women?

Al Jadeed’s Wissam Saad is the latest Lebanese media personality to make rape the punchline of a joke.

Syrian refugee children chant slogans behind a fence at a refugee camp in Turkey. (Lefteris Pitarakis / AP / The Telegraph)
100 years of refugees, war, and a looming climate change displacement crisis

While the history of refugees in the MENA is one of war and conflicts, the future of displacement is rooted in climate change.

Charbel Khoury ordered to be detained by Judge Ghada Aoun criticizing FPM
FPM continues judicial crackdown against journalists and activists

Instead of taking on political corruption cases, the Lebanese judiciary has systematically targeted journalists and activists to silence them since the start of the anti-government October 17 Revolution.

IMF logo
IMF aid to Lebanon unlikely to come in anytime soon, says source

Getting an IMF loan is complicated. Lebanese officials need other solutions for the upcoming $1.2 billion due, said a source close to the IMF.

Daily Star article on BT
Daily Star ceases print publication after “drop to virtually no advertising revenue”

TDS is the latest example of Lebanon’s changing media landscape.

Today, infrastructure in Lebanon continues to be a site for political struggle and economic gain. 
Why do our streets flood? Because Lebanese politicians benefit from our broken system.

Today, infrastructure in Lebanon continues to be a site for political struggle and economic gain. 

Free food, necessities, medicine in Lebanon / article
For Free: Where you can get help and help others in Lebanon during these difficult times

Through independent initiatives, Lebanese citizens have taken it upon themselves to provide the basic needs.

Protests in Beirut, with demonstrators demanding their rights while it rains (Eva Mahfouz)
Lebanon Protests: Leaderless and decentralized, but superbly well-organized

“Even if it rains fire, we’re staying until we get what we want.”

President Aoun’s speech wasn’t even live

The rumours aren’t true. President Aoun is alive.

Hariri to Protesters: Lebanese Cabinet agreed on reforms and 2020 state budget

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced that the Lebanese Cabinet has agreed to all points.