Author: Laudy Issa

Laudy Issa is a multimedia journalist and the Managing Editor of Beirut Today. You might catch her tripping over wires in local theatres or gigs.

The courage of Sara Hegazy in an unaccepting world

The world lost yet another activist, LGBTQ+ rights advocate Sara Hegazy, because she showed her true colors in a conservative society that feared the change she represented.

The plight of migrant domestic workers in Lebanon under Kafala(Illustration: Christina Atik)
How Kafala dehumanizes and takes power away from migrant workers

The stranded Ethiopian domestic workers are the latest victims of Kafala, the system of modern slavery that binds foreign workers to sponsors in Lebanon.

ِAbou Arab
Abou Arab “reviews decision” to shut down all branches

Abou Arab reviewed its decision in light of the “relative stability” of the dollar in the past few days and the possible subsidization of food.

Tom Nook The Crook Carrying A Bag of Bells
Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook is everything that’s wrong with Lebanon

The time has come for us to rid ourselves of our island overlord, Tom Nook.

Parliament convenes for second day in a row on April 22, 2020. (Photo: NNA) Early elections / Nabih Berri article
Who came before Nabih Berri and will someone ever come after?

Along with many of the other demands of protesters, Lebanon’s Parliament shot down the prospect of early elections in their latest meeting.

Illustration of woman sitting at a desk and using her phone at night with a facemask in front of her. For Speak Up COVID article
Speak Up COVID: Free psychological support for frontline health workers in Lebanon

The initiative comes as Lebanon’s under-equipped medical sector battles COVID-19, which has placed healthcare workers under tremendous pressure.

Wissam Saad sits at his desk in his persona at Al Jadeed
When will Lebanese television comedians learn to respect women?

Al Jadeed’s Wissam Saad is the latest Lebanese media personality to make rape the punchline of a joke.

Syrian refugee children chant slogans behind a fence at a refugee camp in Turkey. (Lefteris Pitarakis / AP / The Telegraph)
100 years of refugees, war, and a looming climate change displacement crisis

While the history of refugees in the MENA is one of war and conflicts, the future of displacement is rooted in climate change.

Charbel Khoury ordered to be detained by Judge Ghada Aoun criticizing FPM
FPM continues judicial crackdown against journalists and activists

Instead of taking on political corruption cases, the Lebanese judiciary has systematically targeted journalists and activists to silence them since the start of the anti-government October 17 Revolution.

IMF logo
IMF aid to Lebanon unlikely to come in anytime soon, says source

Getting an IMF loan is complicated. Lebanese officials need other solutions for the upcoming $1.2 billion due, said a source close to the IMF.