Author: Dima Farran

Sectarian support as Lebanon's public health crisis / Clashes in Beirut on June 6, 2020 (Photo: Reuters / Aziz Taher)
Sectarianism: Lebanon’s public health emergency

As coronavirus restrictions are being relaxed, the government must declare sectarianism as its number one public health emergency.

A homeless man walks past closed shops in Beirut. (PHOTO: Alhurra via REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir) | Public policy intervention article
Public policy intervention: Lack of vision or visionaries?

The extended four-day shutdown in Lebanon reflects subpar public policy-making.

democracy in the Arab world article
COVID-19: A blank cheque for authoritarian Arab regimes

For Arab countries, the fight against COVID-19 threatens to become an excuse for the crackdown on dissent, the clampdown on freedoms and the abuse of power.

An empty Hamra Street during the COVID-19 lockdown in Lebanon (Photo: Tariq Keblaoui) | Health pandemic in Lebanon
How much longer can Lebanon pull through an economic and health pandemic?

Similar to catching COVID-19, losing a job because of the ongoing pandemic could cost thousands of people –and their families– their entire lives.

(Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight For Freedom)
From Hong Kong to Beirut, as Inspired by Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

While the overview of Winter On Fire is not to be wholly discredited, it does present the world with a whitewashed version of Ukraine’s Maidan uprising.

Historical revisionism: Consociational politics is a governance flaw

Consensual politics has given rise to governments muddled with political rivalries and contradictory agendas, all under the pretext of inclusivity.

Are you in favor of a secular state? A referendum on the Lebanese identity

Lebanese citizens are demanding change, but not everyone is ready for a secular state. A referendum could help create a unified national identity.