Beirut Talks: Environmental and Waste Management with Ziad Abi Chaker

In another episode of Beirut Talks, activist and environmental engineer Ziad Abi Chaker discusses the.

"Louteh Mesh Msabbe," words seen spray painted across Beirut's walls during the ongoing anti-government revolution, translate to "Gay is not an insult." - LGBTQ+ article
LGBTQ+ In Lebanon: Double burdens and double realities

LGBTQ+ realities in Lebanon are so disparate that it is both one of the most liberal countries in the Arab World & one where human rights are stagnating.

children and moral anti-natalist article graphic
How I turned from a mother of 8 to an anti-natalist

Bringing children to this world means that you will have to accept that they grow up in a Draconian universe of deceit, lies and greed.

Syrian refugee children chant slogans behind a fence at a refugee camp in Turkey. (Lefteris Pitarakis / AP / The Telegraph)
100 years of refugees, war, and a looming climate change displacement crisis

While the history of refugees in the MENA is one of war and conflicts, the future of displacement is rooted in climate change.

Onlooker watching Kozo perform at the first Onomatopoeia "On Shuffle" concert. (Laudy Issa)
On Shuffle: Musicians faced with shrinking spaces in Lebanese economic crisis

“Any time one of these places suffer, we all suffer as a community and that’s why we all work together to keep them afloat and keep ourselves afloat.”

An employee wearing a protective mask near the ward where the first coronavirus case in Lebanon is being treated, at the Rafik Hariri University Hospital. (AFP / Arab News)
Coronavirus, hospital fees, and medicine shortage: Lebanon’s healthcare sector under threat

Is the Lebanese medical field prepared for both coronavirus and the ongoing economic crisis?

A giant "Stop Solidere" sign drapes over the St. Georges Hotel for all to see. (Allan Leonard)
St. Georges Hotel wins license to rebuild after decades of Solidere struggle

The Beirut municipality granted the owner of the famous St. Georges Hotel a license to renovate the damaged landmark after decades of dispute with Solidere.

(Illustrated: Christina Atik) Sex education and harassment article
Women on Twitter speak up about harassment and rape in Lebanon

One thing is clear: sex education, including a lesson on consent, is needed in Lebanon.

Bisri Dam Article - Timour Azhari
German MPs ask government to reject Bisri Dam project

The MPs said the project was an example of the “failed policy” that Lebanese citizens have taken to the streets to oppose.

(Illustration of rubber bullets article by Christina Atik)
Doctor offers protesters free eye surgeries after security forces “shoot-to-harm”

Riot police in Lebanon were shooting rubber bullets and tear gas canisters directly into crowds at chest-level.