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Students file lawsuits against AUB

"We are convinced, after legal consultations with the team of lawyers helping us, that setting the tuition at the LBP 3,900 rate is not legal."

Rethinking Brzezinski in light of the Arab–Israeli normalization deals

Brzezinski’s analysis provides a geopolitical base to explain the UAE-Bahrain-Israel normalization deal through a historical lens.

World Bank threatens to suspend Lebanon’s COVID-19 funding

Lebanese members of Parliament skipped the queue to get vaccinated, violating the terms of the national COVID-19 plan.

Murdering women: A look at Lebanon’s surge in gender-based violence

We talk to Fe-Male's Alia Awada about how the COVID-19 lockdown plan fails to protect women and girls in Lebanon.
Photo: Yara Asmar

Tripoli protestors face terrorism charges

Lebanon’s Military Court has charged at least six protestors from Tripoli with terrorism and theft, as per a statement by lawyer Ayman Raad.  A live...