Our beloved Beirut is in ruins because of the government’s negligence

The blast that destroyed Beirut is the latest, deadliest example of the negligence and corruption of Lebanon’s politicians.

(Photo: Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon)
Lebanese rekindle real estate flame as banks lose trust

Lebanon’s banking crisis served as a blessing in disguise for the Lebanese real estate market.

What it feels like when a country dies

In the past few months, helplessness slithered its way back into the everyday emotional luggage I carry.

A collective Lebanese identity for a better tomorrow

To encourage dialogue along the lines of a national identity, rather than a sectarian one, is to unify citizens in support of a collective wellbeing.

The courage of Sara Hegazy in an unaccepting world

The world lost yet another activist, LGBTQ+ rights advocate Sara Hegazy, because she showed her true colors in a conservative society that feared the change she represented.

Lebanese people can start supporting Black lives by not using racist words

Through atrocious language and the abusive Kafala system, we degrade Lebanon’s migrant workers and threaten their safety.

The Lebanese Complex: On building a new Lebanon

Before we achieve any sort of progress, we must absolve ourselves from the pretentious nature that has dug us this deep.

Migrant workers demand the abolishment of Lebanon's Kafala system during the Women's March in 2019. (Photo: Laudy Issa)
Our silence is proof that black lives don’t matter in Lebanon

We will not effectively reform our parliament, our government, or our institutions while we allow some humans to be dehumanized.

Protesters face riot police in Beirut on April 28, 2020. (PHOTO: Patrick Baz / AFP via Getty Images)
Lebanon’s Protests: On Leadership, Decentralization and Hope

Leadership and coordination would be important, not necessarily in a rigid hierarchy, to officially unify the demands of those who seek change.

A homeless man walks past closed shops in Beirut. (PHOTO: Alhurra via REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir) | Public policy intervention article
Public policy intervention: Lack of vision or visionaries?

The extended four-day shutdown in Lebanon reflects subpar public policy-making.