private education
Lebanon’s crisis unravels the unsustainability of private education

Between increasingly inaccessible private institutions and a defunct private “public” university, students are told to either emigrate or endure.

(Photo: Tariq Keblaoui)
Cabinet extends general mobilization period until August 30

The Lebanese Cabinet approved the extension of general mobilization regulations until August 30, following a.

Lebanon 2020: No dollars, food, or electricity

What does Lebanon look like at the moment? If you’re fortunate enough to have electricity,.

Crime on the rise in Lebanon as families grow hungry
Crimes on the rise as families in Lebanon grow hungry

Crime rates in Lebanon have shot up, according to the ISF, as the country sinks further into a crippling financial crisis.

IMF knocking article. Photo shows the grim reaper against an orange backdrop
What happens when the IMF comes to town?

Historically, the IMF has had a track record of human rights abuses through its brutal “structural adjustment” efforts. Why would Lebanon be any different?

Lebanese farmers can’t cover their costs, so they're quitting the industry
Lebanese farmers can’t cover their costs, so they’re quitting the industry

The dollar crisis is destroying the farming industry in Lebanon. Farmers are struggling to cover even 20 percent of their agricultural costs.

What is the Lebanese crisis hiding for freelancers and the self-employed?
What is the Lebanese crisis hiding for freelancers and the self-employed?

The Lebanese workforce is taking the hit of the collapsing economy.

How do we prevent the total collapse of the Lebanese Pound?

The national currency needs to be prevented from total collapse, and this needs to be done in a pragmatic and gradual approach with a clear bias towards protecting the interests of the majority of the population against the predatory behavior of the ruling cartel.

Agricultural roots article (Photo: Jad Sarieddine)
From dirt to dirt: Lebanon returns to agricultural roots

Because of a crumbling economy and COVID-19, people in Lebanon have rediscovered a love of farming. Can the agricultural return carry our economy forward?

IMF: Lebanon's fastest and most dangerous route
Without the power to negotiate with the IMF, Lebanon risks all

The IMF is Lebanon’s fastest and most dangerous course of action.