Author: Michael Avanzato

"Palestine rejects division, no to colonial annexation" (Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud / The Palestine Chronicle)
The razor’s edge of Israeli apartheid: Annexation or ethno-state?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may (or may not) begin to lead cabinet discussions concerning.

America Iran graphic by Laudy Issa
Capital, oil, and pistachios: America’s imperial interests in Iran

There are clear economic and imperial incentives for the United States to ramp up its aggression towards Iran.

John McCain: Why are Democrats simpering over a corrupt war criminal?

At every turn, he vigorously opposed progress and human rights. Why would the Democrats praise someone who fought against the very principles they stand for?

White Shooter/Muslim Terrorist: Race and Mass Violence in the United States

Stephen Paddock, a white 64 year old man, killed at least 50 people at a.