Author: Lynn Sheikh Moussa

Students protest the tuition dollarization in front of the Ministry of Education in Lebanon in early 2019. (Facebook | @madanetwork)
University tuition fees susceptible to more increase

Despite not having the same services and quality of education, students are still expected to pay full tuition fees as the economy plummets.

(Photo: Independent via Joseph Eid / AFP) Mass Murder in Baakline
“Honor” and Violence: Baakline mass murder acts as a grim reminder

Every day that the lockdown drags on in Lebanon, women across the country face unknown futures with trepidation and fear.

"Neither coronavirus nor you will last," reads this sign from a protester in Lebanon on April 24. (Photo: Lebanon Express via Hussein Malla / Ap) Lira plummet article
Protesters return to the streets as value of Lebanese lira plummets

As the value of the lira plummets and costs of living rise, lockdown is proving to be another economic challenge that people in Lebanon are incapable of overcoming.

Spraying sanitising liquid around a bank in Beirut (Photo: Al-Jazeera via Anwar Amro / AFP) easing lockdown measures in Lebanon article
Easing lockdown must be gradual to prevent another outbreak in Lebanon

The low numbers of new COVID-19 cases are a good sign, but our healthcare system cannot handle another wave of infections.

Lebanon's Central Bank, closed after the government declared a state of medical emergency in light of COVID-19. (Photo: Al Jazeera via Mohamed Azakir / Reuters) shrinking Lebanon's economy 2020 article
Lebanon’s economy to shrink by 12 percent in 2020

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted on Tuesday, April 14 that Lebanon’s economy will shrink.

Online activism, activism leaves the streets / illustration by Joseph Abi Saab
Protests halt, but activism persists despite pandemic

Protestors have had to forgo their streets, but have substituted this for art, illustration, writing, Instagram lives and many more.

Visual showing some of the repurcussions of the Bisri Dam project. (Photo: Environmental Justice Atlas)
Bisri Dam project to resume, says cabinet during lockdown

Activists say the Bisri Dam will lead to an “environmental genocide” and fear further mismanagement of Lebanon’s water resources.

A dog wears a mask over its mouth on a street in Beijing on February 13, 2020. Pets article on Animals Lebanon
COVID-19: Pets ditched on Beirut streets, animal welfare groups swamped

On misinformation and the economic hardships of both pet owners and animal welfare groups in Lebanon.

Lebanese soldiers standing guard in the Beirut's downtown district on March 15.(Arab News via AFP) Medical emergency article
Social distancing is a luxury many cannot afford in Lebanon

Without government support, this state of medical emergency may prove hellish for many.

Roumieh prison sterilized following riots and fear of coronavirus spread

Assessments by lawyers show that the conditions of the prison are “cramped and unsanitary,” which means coronavirus is more likely to spread among inmates.