Photo via Selections

Esteemed artist Laure Ghorayeb dies at 92

Laure Ghorayeb, renowned artist, poet and art critic, died on Wednesday, February 8th at the age of 92.

Ghorayeb was born in Der el Qamar in 1931, and has actively pursued careers in both fine arts and cultural journalism since 1962. She has exhibited her work in multiple solo and collective exhibitions over the duration of her life, from the Arab World to Europe. She has exhibited in the Paris Biennial, Baghdad Biennial, and Alexandira Biennial, in addition to participating in notable art fairs including Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Ghorayeb is best known for having witnessed much of Lebanon’s recent history, including the Civil War and the 2019 October Revolution. Her work “obsessively documents the people and events in her life, combining an almost childlike naivety with a rather dark metaphysical perception”, as described by Selections. 

Ghorayeb married actor Antoine Kerbaj, and later on became mother to four children, including renowned artist and co-founder of the Irtijal Festival, Mazen Kerbaj. Between 2001 and 2015, Ghorayeb collaborated with Mazen on three exhibitions. She and her son also co-published a book together, L’Abécédaire de Laure Ghorayeb et Mazen Kerbaj.