Author: Lynn Sheikh Moussa

A man searching for food in Lebanon during November 2019 (Photo: Middle East Monitor via Ibrahim Chalhoub / AFP / Getty Images) Famine article
Lebanese at risk of famine as poverty soars

With no clear solutions to Lebanon’s economic crisis in sight, the possibility of famine is the latest addition to the country’s bleak future.

From blackface to bleaching creams, racism is clear-cut in the Arab World
From blackface to bleaching creams, racism is clear-cut in the Arab World

Delve into colonialism, the arrival and persistence of blackface in the region, skin bleaching creams, and unlearning racist practices in the Arab World.

Lebanese state attacks freedom of speech

Between October 17 and March 6, security agencies have called in at least 29 people for interrogation concerning free speech charges.

A protester holding the Lebanese flag runs as protesters block the Jounieh Tripoli highway with flaming tires in Beirut late on June 11, 2020. (Photo: CNN)
Diab holds emergency meeting as protests witness resurgence

Protests erupted across Lebanon on the evening of Thursday, June 11 as the local currency.

An anti-government protester throws back tear gas at riot policemen with a tennis racket in Beirut, Lebanon on June 6, 2020. (Photo: Al-Jazeera via AP Photo/Bilal Hussein)
Lebanon’s security forces will only get more violent, protesters say

As security officials increasingly turn against the people, a police state is slowly taking hold across the country.

Understanding who opposes the Amnesty Law and why

The amnesty law has been met with fervent rejection in the streets because it pardons Lebanese people who fled to and collaborated with Israel.

Drone shot of Beirut \ Rent crisis article
Dollars or nothing: Rent crisis burdens Lebanon’s tenants

The freefall of the Lebanese lira in past months has caused a significant increase in.

Anti-government protester yells at an Internal Security Forces police officer while demonstrating against Lebanon's worsening economic crisis in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: Bilal Hussein / AP)
Understanding Lebanon and the IMF as economic discussions begin

Lebanon is looking for over $10 billion from the IMF, but that’s an ambitious figure considering international donors’ distrust in the government.

Stricter measures in Lebanon as coronavirus infections spike

“Ensuring the health of society is a top priority on which the law does not compromise, and it is a social responsibility,” said Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi.

Government rescue plan set in motion

“Lebanese must set aside their differences to tackle the country’s major financial crisis,” said Prime.