Free food, necessities, medicine in Lebanon / article
(Christina Atik)

For Free: Where you can get help and help others in Lebanon during these difficult times

Through independent initiatives, Lebanese citizens have taken it upon themselves to provide the basic needs that many in the country lack and that the government has not provided. 

In a matter of two days, Lebanon lost at least three of its citizens to suicide, triggered partially by the worsening economic conditions and a severe financial crisis in the country. Almost a third of the Lebanese population lives in poverty, one of the many reasons behind the nationwide anti-government protests that started on October 17.

Across the country, concerned citizens are providing food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities for those who need it the most. The list below highlights some of them.

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If you’re feeling suicidal or think you may hurt yourself, please talk to somebody. You can reach the Embrace Suicide Hotline on 1564.

Food, Clothes, And Other Necessities

Matbakh El Balad: Volunteers working to provide free meals, daily, to those in need at Riad El Solh.

Lebanese Food Bank: A food truck is collect dry food in Beirut during the revolution, on Friday December 6 and Saturday December 7, and is delivering dry food to those who need it on a weekly basis.

Boutata: You can donate food deliveries, whether you’re abroad or in Lebanon, from Boutata to needy families by writing “To the needy” in the instructions when ordering through Zomato. Boutata is delivering to needy families on a daily basis.

FoodBlessed: Holds food drives and food rescue programs that provide the needy with surplus edible food from restaurants and events. Hunger-relief & food security organization.

Beit El Baraka: Free supermarket, shelters, and support for the Lebanese elderly.

3ajineh: Delivering free manakeesh to those who cannot afford it.

The Donation Booth: A stand to be set up on Sunday, December 8, in Riad El Solh. You can donate food, clothes, books, and toys.

KilnaYa3niKilna: Citizens collecting food, clothes, money, and other services to those in need. In posts, they’ve asked citizens to add 1 KG of rice or a couple of tuna cans to their shopping lists, doctors to offer one hour of free work to those who need it, and employers to share job opportunities with them.

Citizen effort shared by Danielle Inaty: Free manakeesh in Riad El Solh. The volunteers are also gathering donations for oil, zaatar, and flour.

Lebanese Under Cover: Collecting 5,000 blankets or (L.L. 20,000 donations) to send to different villages. Contact: 70839101 

Survivors: Collecting basic sustenance and non-perishables during the revolution and distributing to needy families. Contact on: 03390961

Leap4Love: Picking up your donations to the needy, and personally distributing them to families in need during the Christmas season. 

Abed Bitar Roastery, Nabatieh: Posted a paper on their store window front that reads “To my Lebanese brother, if you don’t have money, don’t be shy and leave your family without food. Come inside, take what you need from spices, coffee, and other stocked goods…”

Medicine, Psychological Aid, and Financial Assistance

Lebanon Needs: Expat-led initiative that’s gathering essential medical survival equipment through “El Neiss La Ba3da,” a network of first aid tents and pharmacies across the country, and “Nazzalna El Shatawe,” workshops with experts and volunteers to prepare wool blankets and stocked goods.

Dr. Natalie Tayim: Clinical psychologist at Clemenceau Medical Center, specializes in sexual and relationship therapy, is offering sexual abuse or assault survivors free psychological services. Contact: 03822231

Restart Center: Services to sexual abuse and assault survivors free of charge. Contact: Social Workers, 76708083.

SIDC Lebanon: Offering free psychological and psychiatric sessions to people between 14 and 28.

The Vibe Wellness Circle: Support circles to relax, meditate, share, and support others. Free services for sexual abuse or assault survivors. Contact: Nayla Saab, 03337334

Bedayati: Lebanon Emergency Fund, a three-month initiative that supports those at risk of falling into poverty without monthly wages. The fund covers 0 percent of the minimum wage, or around L.L. 200,000 per month per person.

Embrace: Suicide Hotline on 1564

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