What are Lebanon’s new COVID-19 measures for the holidays?

Lebanon’s COVID-19 committee has imposed a series of new social distancing and lockdown measures ahead of the holidays.

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Why boycotting Lebanon’s upcoming election is being discussed

Does voting in the upcoming general election mean we are being complicit in sustaining a flawed system of governance?

Protestors block roads across Lebanon over deteriorating living conditions

Demonstrators across Lebanon blocked roads in protest against worsening economic conditions and the collapsing currency.

Comedian Shaden Fakih faces trial in military court

Lebanese comedian Shaden Fakih has been summoned to the Military Tribunal for vilifying and damaging the reputation of the Internal Security Forces. Fakih, an outspoken activist who regularly posts political comedy and satire, will appear...


What more is there to say about the Beirut blast?

Syrian Refuge Camp at Syria Lebanon Borders at time of a blizzard in 2021. (Photo: Hussein Kassir / Alamy Stock)

Refugee camps in Lebanon unprepared for winter

“It is now difficult to provide the bare minimum of the camps’ needs."

Battling traumas, health concerns, and uncertainty: The refugee mental health crisis

Lebanon’s crisis has strained the mental health of the country’s residents, particularly more vulnerable populations such as Syrian refugees.

Lebanon makes new development in fight against slavery

In a first, Lebanon conducted a hearing in the first criminal case filed against the slavery and slave trading of a migrant domestic worker.