We ask people in Lebanon if they’re planning to leave the country

"We can't keep watering a dead plant," says one woman about why she's planning on leaving Lebanon.

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UN: Israeli forces fired the shot that killed journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

An independent investigation conducted by the UN found that Israeli occupation forces killed Al Jazeera TV journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Nabih Berri re-elected as Lebanon’s Speaker of Parliament for 7th time

Nabih Berri earned the bare minimum of the needed 65 votes to be re-elected as Lebanon’s Speaker of Parliament.

The after-effect of electoral wins in Lebanon’s consensus democracy

While a shift in the power balance has certainly been felt, the results of Lebanon's elections do not mark a breakthrough in the status quo.


Why don’t women in Lebanon report domestic violence?

And what resources are available to to both Lebanese women and refugees in the country?

Marwan Habib, serial harasser, jailed without bond

Serial sexual harasser and rapist Marwan Habib has now been jailed in the United States, as per a WVSN...
Graffiti demanding justice for domestic workers across the Kenyan Consulate exterior walls in Beirut.

Kenyan domestic workers to be repatriated after weeks of sleeping in the rain

The Kenyan workers began protesting in Lebanon after fleeing abuse and dire working conditions, or being abandoned by their employers.