British Museum to restore glass artefacts damaged in Beirut Blast

"Their return to their rightful form is a powerful symbol of healing and resilience after disaster," said TEFAF chairman Hidde van Seggelen.

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Lift the immunity: A look into the Beirut blast investigation so far

Lifting immunity from MPs threatens the core of a mafia system that Lebanon’s politicians are fighting to maintain.

Najib Mikati to head next government

Najib Mikati last headed a Lebanese government between 2011 and 2014.
In this 1899 cartoon published, Uncle Sam lectures his new students: The Philippines, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and, Cuba. Past and potentially future U.S. acquisitions fill the rest of the classroom.

Uncle Sam vs. Cuba: America’s Hot and Cold War

Understanding the long arm of US reach in Latin America lays bare the reasons for Cuba’s current difficulties.


At first I thought that when you die, you no longer see anything but you can still hear and feel for a few seconds.

Another PRIDE month is over, another rainbow flag becomes irrelevant

PRIDE events make money for big corporations that don't really care, and limit who has access to celebrate their sexuality.

Live ammunition used in Tripoli during protests

Protestors also stormed the Qadisha Electricity Company in an attempt to restore the power supply to several areas across the city.
Image of Karim Safieddine against a red background

Investigating Karim Safieddine: How authorities are intimidated by activists and journalists

Since October 2019, the frequency of arrests and summonsing made against activists and journalists has significantly increased.