Remembering Beirut

Writing about exile and migration, through a remarkable comic.

The Real Estate Sector: The Lebanese Scene

Towers, luxurious buildings, compounds and medium sized dwellings are being built and sold at unaffordable prices.

Orange is the New Black: Beauty in the Struggle

The success of this show is largely due to its empowerment of women.

The New Lebanese Electoral Law and 2022

We have a new electoral law, but with many flaws.

Road Back To Reading

After making the huge step of deciding to read again, the second step would be to choose what you want to read.

How Working in Services Taught Me More Than A Degree Did

Education, and most importantly self-education should not be cornered between four-walls.

An Alternative View on Solitude

Solitude grew more and more desirable as a sign of strength and resilience, and those who chose solitude were praised to have exemplary bravery.

Where the Lebanese Passport Will Take You This Summer

Fly to a nearby destination with no visa.

Beirut Today’s Logo Inspiration: The Old Lighthouse

Beirut’s iconic old lighthouse, suffocated by high-rises, but still standing tall.   Read Karen Karam’s.