Author: Hanine El Mir

Hanine is an avid social activist especially focused on animal welfare and feminism. She currently holds a BA in English Literature and a BA in Media/Communications with a minor in Film & Visual Studies. She dreams of becoming a thesaurus one day.

Roadster welcomes vegans home with launch of seven new dishes

Vegans can now join their friends in eating at Roadster Diner without having to settle for just fries. The food chain launched the addition of seven new vegan items to its official menu on Monday, November 5.

Vegans rejoice: Luna’s Kitchen opening

Having restaurants like Luna’s Kitchen open in Lebanon provides the youth with the chance to find affordable and healthy vegan alternatives to what they usually eat.

A Cat Café is opening in Beirut

In addition to having plant-based and ethical food options, the animals at the cafe will all be rescued stray cats, fostered from BETA’s shelter, and up for adoption.