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Al-Aqsa Flood: A Complete Timeline

This is a developing story.

Following years of bombings, daily murders of civilians and children, a 16-year siege on Gaza, apartheid and occupation by Israeli forces and settlers, the Palestinian population have seen their conditions go from bad to worse in what can be described as an ongoing genocide.

On the 7th of October, operation Al-Aqsa Flood shocked the world.

While Palestinian resistance efforts have continued since before the 1948 Nakba, these efforts have been greatly sporadic, especially in recent years as occupation forces have increased their stranglehold on Palestinians.

Al-Aqsa Flood represents a significant turn, as Palestinian resistance fighters have been able to gain significant ground and cause unprecedented damage to occupation forces.

The young children who were once throwing rocks on Israeli occupation tanks and have lived their entire life under siege are now choosing to resist, denounce life under a cage and strive for liberation.

We share below an updatable timeline of the events.

The timeline was created using a combination of social media posts made by Gazans, Palestinian news Sources, and live news reports. Unavoidably, the timeline might have statistical generalizations instead of accurate numbers (such as “hundreds” instead of 273) given the hazardous state of data collection in the context of ongoing bombing and fighting:

October 7, 2023

First Day

On Saturday dawn, Palestinian fighters initiated a mix of operations at the same time, launching rocket fire into occupied territory, infiltrating southern occupied zones, taking control of several Israeli settlements and taking dozens of soldiers and civilians hostage. In the very first hours of Saturday, it was estimated that around 30 Israeli soldiers and settlers were either killed or captured.

The raid into settlements reached as far as 26km away from the sieged Gaza and took various directions, with resistance fighters gaining control in some areas and exchanging shots with occupation forces in others.

Videos and images of Palestinians riding Israeli tanks and military vehicles and celebrating the demolition of others circulated widely across the internet. Significantly, a Palestinian bulldozer demolished the barbed wire fence and walls east of Gaza – emblematic of Palestinian, Arab and worldwide sentiments that Gaza is freeing itself.

A few hours later, Israeli air strikes on Gaza exponentially increased, bombing mostly civilian buildings such as homes, residential towers hosting dozens of families, and social service centers.

By the end of the first day: the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 232 Palestinians were killed and many more injured, in what is analytically vast underestimates. It was estimated that around 300 Israelis were killed on the first day and that “several times greater” than dozens were captured according to Hamas’s military wing.

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is at war, international media was quick to frame the issue as an unprovoked attack by Hamas against Israeli civilians. Most dominant Western politicians quickly condemned Hamas only while staying silent on the initial cause of the issue: ongoing occupation and apartheid.

October 7, 2023
October 8, 2023

Second Day

On the 2nd day of fighting, Israeli forces intensified air strikes and bombing, hitting vast numbers of residential towers, commercial buildings and homes, often without warning residents. Palestinian families started taking shelter in UN schools. However, Israeli air strikes also targeted UN schools.

It was on Sunday that Lebanon was directly impacted by the fighting, as the first mortar shells fell at an Israeli military base on the borders between Palestine and Lebanon.
In Alexandria, an Egyptian police officer killed at least two Israeli settlers.

By the end of the day, the number of Israeli soldiers and settlers killed rose to around 600. Israeli occupation forces have been behind some of these kills, as they mistakenly suspected the occupiers for Palestinian fighters.

The number of Palestinians who were killed, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, rose to 370 and injuries reached 2,200, also safely assumed to be large underestimates.

Also, it was estimated that around 13 Palestinians were killed by occupation forces in the occupied West Bank.

October 8, 2023
October 9, 2023

Third Day

Israeli strikes continued to bomb residential areas including mosques, the densely populated Al Shati and Jabalia refugee camps where Israeli warplanes committed massacres, an ambulance carrying a number of injured to hospitals and an entire block in Al Remal neighborhood in what is described as “the annihilation of families.”

Palestinian resistance hit several occupied areas with rockets, reaching the city of Tel Aviv and hitting areas in Asdoud and Askalan and the airport of Lod City.

Confrontations took place in several areas, including in Issawiya village in the occupied city of Jerusalem between Palestinians and Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a complete siege of the Gaza Strip as the occupation cut off electricity, fuel and food from the city.

Meanwhile, the US army has deployed the largest warship in the world, the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, to assist its biggest ally in the region and its biggest recipient of military aid.

On Monday, gunfire was exchanged between occupation forces and gunmen at the Palestinian – Lebanese borders. Later on during the day, fighting between Lebanese and occupation forces took place, with Hezbollah later announcing that 3 of its members were killed. Israeli sources also announced that Deputy Commander of the 300th Brigade Forces was killed in fighting along the Lebanese borders. Many have considered this as a development that might involve Lebanon deeply in the fighting.

Towards the end of the day, the number of Israeli soldiers and settlers killed was estimated at 900 since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Flood.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that 687 Palestinians were killed during the Israeli aggression against Gaza.

October 9, 2023
October 10, 2023

Fourth Day

On the 10th of October, United States President Joe Biden issued one of “the most pro-Israel” speeches a president has ever given, accompanying the arrival of the first plane carrying advanced US ammunition.

Israeli air strikes continued to bomb schools, the Islamic University of Gaza, the headquarters of the Red Cross and the headquarters of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) in Gaza.

Neighborhoods such Al-Rimal were completely leveled to the ground.

Occupation forces shot dead a Palestinian youth near Al Jalama Military checkpoint in Jenin and two Palestinians in Silwan village in Occupied Jerusalem.

In addition, mass military mobilization continued within Israeli forces, with more members of the army and reserve forces arriving.

Two Palestinian journalists, Saad Taweel and Mohammad Abu Reziq were killed in an Israeli airstrike.


Occupation forces used the internationally prohibited white phosphorus against Palestinians and on the southern border.


Escalations also targeted the Egyptian border, with Israeli airstrikes striking the Rafah crossing point. Egypt “indefinitely” closed the Rafah border with Gaza.

Accordingly, Gaza has now lost full connection to the outside world and a humanitarian crisis is ongoing and worsening. Previously, the Zionist state warned that it would attack Egyptian trucks carrying supplies to Palestinians in Gaza.

By the end of the day, the death toll in Gaza had risen to 900 since Saturday, including 260 children and 230 women, in addition to 4,500 people wounded.

Since the start of the conflict, an estimated 1,000 Israelis had also died as a result of the clashes.

October 10, 2023
October 11, 2023

Fifth Day

Air Strikes on Khan Younis in the Southern Gaza Strip, on Al Karmel residential tower in Gaza, on homes in Al Sabra neighborhood in Gaza City and in the refugee camp of Bena in Rafah city in southern Gaza.

Rimal Neighborhood nearly wiped out after four days of bombing.

Gaza power plant close to shutting down completely due to lack of fuel.

Israeli forces have been deliberately targeting medical workers according to the health ministry in Gaza. Medics were also unable to access the neighborhood of Al Karama in northern Gaza (the same neighborhood where Israeli is using the internationally prohibited white phosphorus bombs) as Israeli air raids leveled buildings.

More than 260,000 people are displaced in Gaza due to Israeli attacks, with more than 175,000 taking shelter in 88 UN schools.

Reports of an upcoming Israeli ground offensive in Gaza.

As of Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Health announced that 950 Palestinians have been killed and 500 others were injured. 260 children were killed by Israeli air attacks. However, the Israeli army reports that it killed at least 1,000 Hamas fighters.

In the Occupied West Bank, 23 were killed and 130 were injured.

The Israeli army reported 1,200 killed and 3,007 injured.

Israel cut off the water supplies to the population in Gaza.

The Ministry of Health stated that 4 paramedics were killed in an Israeli airstrike that targeted Gaza and occupation forces targeted medical crews in Gaza.

Armed settlers attacked the village of Qusra in southern Nablus, killing 3 Palestinians and injuring 11.


Anti-tank fire from Lebanon reported by Israeli army.

Israeli air forces flying over South Lebanon accompanied sounds of explosion near the Lebanese-Palestinian borders.

Gunfire was exchanged at the border.


Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Nigeria, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and South Korea rushed to evacuate their citizens.

The EU is putting strong checks on how aid to Palestine is delivered after it protracted an announcement that aid payments to Palestine are to be frozen following widespread criticism.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has blamed US policy failures for the “Israel-Hamas war.”

Famously anti-immigrant British Home Secretary Suella Braveman told police in England and Wales that waving the Palestinian flag may in some instances “not be legitimate, such as when intended to glorify acts of terrorism.” This comes as part of the crackdown on pro-Palestinian discourse.

October 11, 2023
October 12, 2023

Sixth Day

Machines in Gaza Strip hospitals could at any moment die out as the power blackout engulfs the city and generators come close to cease functioning.

Around seven journalists in Gaza were killed, with many Palestinian journalists announcing that they might stop working amidst ongoing killing.

Hamas published a video of its fighters releasing an Israeli woman and her children after false claims by Israeli ambassador to the UN that the woman had been abducted.

Gunfire was exchanged between Palestinian fighters and Israeli occupation forces in the city of Jenin and occupied Jerusalem.

Bombing on Gaza continued, destroying homes and mostly civilian areas amidst an ongoing genocide.

Settlers and occupation forces continued targeting ambulances and medical personnel and attacked Tuwani village in Masafer Yatta in southern Hebron and the village of Huwara in southern Nablus.

According to the Palestinian health ministry, the number of people killed in Gaza has risen to 1,572 and the number of people wounded to 7,262.

Israeli occupation forces have killed 447 children in the last 5 days.


Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon caused major damage to property, agricultural fields and about ten houses, in addition to injuring three people in the town of Marwahin.

UNIFIL spokesperson denied allegations that their forces have abandoned their posts in southern Lebanon.

Human Rights Watch confirmed the usage of the internationally prohibited white phosphorus in military operations in Gaza and Lebanon.


Organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have highlighted the risks involved in the siege currently in place on Gaza.

The United States White House walked back president Joe Biden’s claim that he saw children beheaded by Hamas, while Israeli forces weren’t able to confirm any claims of beheaded babies. This reminded international viewers of fake news of weapons of mass destruction and propaganda prior to the US-Iraq invasion.

Several European governments cracked down on pro-Palestinian discourse, with security forces using violence to stop demonstrations in France. The country’s Interior Ministry said that pro-Palestinian protests are likely to ‘generate disturbances to public order’, and UK House Secretary Suella Braverman told police that waving the Palestinian flag might be considered a criminal offense.

French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that 13 French nationals were killed in Hamas attack, while the death toll of American nationals has risen to 27.

Foreign ministers on behalf of Canada, Italy and Germany, and the US Secretary of Defense are set to visit Israeli politicians.

Jordan says that Israel refusing to allow aid into Gaza violates international law.
Egypt president El-Sisi says the people of Gaza must remain on their land.

The US claims it is sharing intelligence with Israel ‘at the highest level.’

Israeli strikes targeted the airports of Damascus and Aleppo. Both are reportedly out of order until they can be repaired

October 12, 2023
October 13, 2023

Seventh Day

UN spokesman says Israel’s military has directed the evacuation of northern Gaza.
UN says the number of displaced people within Gaza has reached 423,000.

Israeli air strikes continued bombing medical personnel and various residential neighborhoods across Gaza.

Israeli occupation forces detained 43 Palestinians as part of large scale detention campaigns in the occupied West Bank.

Palestinian resistance sources indicate that 13 Israeli detainees were killed during Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Preliminary, unconfirmed social media reports say 17 families have been reportedly wiped out in ongoing airstrikes.


Multiple demonstrations were called for after Friday prayers across Lebanon, including by Hezbollah and Hamas, who called on Palestinian people in Lebanese camps and residents of Lebanese towns to mobilize in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their resistance.

At 14:00, a march is planned in Beirut, from Barbir roundabout towards ESCWA, and passing by Beirut’s Downtown area.

Warnings were circulated to avoid areas surrounding mosques, vicinities of Palestinian camps and the southern suburbs of Beirut.

Lebanon’s foreign minister Abdallah Bou Habib says there cannot be stability in the region without a ‘just solution’ for the Palestinian issue.

Many Lebanese citizens are protesting near the borders to denounce Israeli occupation, with some reportedly climbing the walls to the other side.

Heavy deployment of the Lebanese Army on the southern border.

Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah met with Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs Houssein Amir Abdollahian to discuss recent events. Abdollahian also met with Prime Minister Najib Mikati.

Heavy artillery strikes were reported along the southern border in the evening.

Occupation bombs the town of Ramia in southern Lebanon.

Reports that Israeli strikes killed Reuters photographer Issam Abdullah, injuring four others in Alma al Shaab.


Mass protests in Baghdad and Tehran in support of Hamas.

An Israeli embassy staffer has reportedly been stabbed in Beijing.

Protesters in Jordan have approached Western borders while authorities have attempted to restrict movements to designated areas.

The United Nations urged Israeli authorities to rescind the evacuation order of 1.1 million Palestinian in Gaza, describing it as “impossible.”

Russia announced that it has no plans to interfere in the conflict and that it supports the implementation of UN resolutions.

Germany offered military help to Israeli forces by agreeing to “an Israeli request to use up to two of five Heron TP combat drones that are currently leased by the German military and were already in Israel for the training of German servicepeople”.

October 13, 2023
October 14, 2023

Eighth Day

Palestinian ministry of health announces that 2,215 civilians have been killed, and 8,714 have been wounded in airstrikes on Gaza.

324 Palestinians are killed and more than 1,000 are wounded in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in the past 24 hours.

Airstrikes resumed on Khan Younes, Gaza, early Saturday morning. Airstrikes continue in north and west Gaza.

Interceptions reported over Haifa early Saturday morning.

Israeli forces announce a 6-hour window for the evacuation of those living in Gaza’s northern parts to southern Gaza amidst reports of a reportedly planned ground invasion

Palestinian children and women have been seen fleeing from the Israeli bombing in the north of Gaza as estimated tens of thousands were displaced

Israeli ground raids were reported in northern Gaza and the West Bank. Netanyahu announces that the war will go on for another three weeks at least.

At least 1,900 Palestinians have been killed and 7,696 were wounded in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza.

Dozens were killed while fleeing northern Gaza.


Explosion heard early Saturday morning in Southern Lebanon. Occupation forces say they attacked “a Hezbollah target in southern Lebanon in response to the infiltration of unidentified vessels that were intercepted and the shooting that was carried out at an unmanned occupation’s aircraft.”

Occupation says it has neutralized a group trying to cross the border from Lebanon this morning.

German airline Lufthansa suspends flights to and from Beirut until October 16.

Iranian foreign minister says that “any step taken by Hezbollah will result in a major earthquake against the Zionist entity.” Occupation responds by saying that “the state of Lebanon bears responsibility for any step that Hezbollah may take.”

Journalist Christina Assi undergoes intensive surgery on both her legs, after being injured in targetted airstrike by Israel against civilian journalists along the southern border.

Gunfire exchange and shelling in Shebaa farms in southern Lebanon.

Israeli sources mention that three were injured following a “hawn” rocket strike by Hezbollah.

Reports that an Israeli attack killed Hajj Khalil Asaad Ali, and his wife Hajja Riad Hussein Akoum in the town Shebaa. 

Hezbollah targeted five locations around Shebaa.

Lebanon is on its way to present a formal complaint to the international criminal court regarding the killing of journalist Issam Abdallah by Israeli attack.


Biden says the US is making unremitting efforts to search for American hostages amidt aggressions in Gaza.

Washington urges Israel to postpone its ground operation in Gaza until safe passage is secured for the Palestinians.

American lawmakers urge American airlines to resume flights to Israel as soon as possible.

US Marines suspend training in Kuwait “to remain prepared in light of developments.”

The Iranian foreign minister says resistance leaders are “coordinating at an excellent level and are prepared for all possibilities, with their hand on the trigger.”

Riyadh suspends normalisation talks with Israel.

Images show Egypt closing off of Rafah crossing using concrete walls.

Thousands of protesters chant “Free Palestine” in New York City.

Saudi Arabia has reportedly frozen normalization plans

Large pro-Palestinian protests in London.

October 14, 2023
October 15, 2023

Ninth Day

47 Palestinian families consisting of 500 people were removed from the civil registry as a result of Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli forces detain more than 55 Palestinians in large scale detention campaigns in the occupied West Bank.

Most injuries due to Israeli warplane attacks are among children and women.

15 hospitals were damaged and 2 stopped working in Gaza.

Washington announces that it will be sending an additional aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean.

Gazan health officials are storing the bodies of Palestinian killed by Israeli airstrikes in ice cream freezer trucks because of the riskiness of moving them to hospitals and the lack of space in cemeteries.


Anti-tank missiles from Lebanon towards Western Galilee injured three.

Around 6 PM, Hezbollah targeted Israeli cameras and technical apparatuses as matters escalated in the south.


Israel bombs Aleppo International Airport for a second time.

Irans warns that if Israeli forces enter Gaza it might intervene.

October 15, 2023
October 16, 2023

Tenth Day

Israeli air raids increased potentially in anticipation of ground invasion. Overnight, the Israeli representative at the UN said the country “has no intention of occupying Gaza, however seeks to eliminate Hamas.” Biden states that Israel would be making “a big mistake” if occupying Gaza.

At least 2,950 Palestinians, including 1,030 children and 440 women. Another 1125 are injured.

Fuel reserved at all hospitals in Gaza are expected to last only around 24 more hours.

Israel announces a five hour ceasesfire to allow foreigners to access Egypt through the Raffah crossing, but various reports from the ground reveal that this information was false. Netanyahu’s office announces that “there is currently no ceasefire and humanitarian aid on the Gaza strip in exchange for the evacuation of foreigners.”

Reports that 51 Palestinians have been kidnapped from the West Bank by occupation forces overnight emerge.

Al Qassem brigades announce that they are bombing Tel Aviv in response to the abductions in the West Bank.

Occupation’s military announces the killing of two Hamas military commanders.


Hezbollah strikes the northern settlement of Metulla. Group kills “commander of the 75th Battalion Formation”, Lieutenant Amitai Garnaut.

Hezbollah states that it has infiltrated the ranks of the occupation’s army, converting many towards the resistance. Analysts call this the activation of psychological warfare against Israel.

Occupation forces order evacuation of 28 communities near the border with Lebanon, to allow for “greater offensive” in case of further attacks. IOF spokesman Hagari says the group will face “deadly” consequences if it continues to attack along the border, with the full backing of the US.

The World Health Organization (WHO) delivers medical supplies to Lebanon in order to be ready to respond to any potential health crisis.
Hezbollah sources confirm they have hit five targets.


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken arrives in Israel for the second time since aggressions began.

US President Biden says he does not believe deployment of US forces will be necessary in Israel’s war against Palestinian resistance fighters, but says he is confident Israel “will act in accordance with the laws of war”, and that Hamas should be “eliminated.”

Egypt claims it increased diplomatic efforts to get humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro likened Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant’s siege announcement to Nazi action.

A 71 year old Illinois man killed a 6 year old Palestinian-American child and seriously injured his mother. Biden says Americans “must come together and reject Ismalophobia and all forms of bigotry and hatred”, despite openly spreading misinformation and promoting racist sentiments against Palestinians during the past week.

Germany’s chancellor Scholz to visit Israel on Tuesday, October 17. US President Biden to follow suit on Tuesday, October 17 or Wednesday, October 18.

President of the European Commission warns against escalation, calls for efforts to de-escalate and prevent outside intervention, adds that the EU is “tripling humanitarian aid for Palestinians in need.”

October 16, 2023
October 17, 2023

Eleventh Day

Death toll in Gaza continues to climb as supplies run direly low. Various reports show that food is quickly running out, with bare shelves plaguing supermarkets. Many have resorted to drinking polluted or salty sea water in place of fresh, drinking water as a result of the shortages.

Air raids are ongoing on Gaza.

The occupation’s army has killed a Palestinian teenager during a raid in the occupied West Bank.

Hamas says it has around 200 and 250 Israeli hostages, 22 of which have died in the air raids. In exchange, they are demanding the release of nearly 6,000 Palestinians detained in Israeli prisons.

Israeli strikes targeted the Maamadani hospital in Gaza that hosts hundreds of displaced people. Palestinian Ministry of Health announces that around 500 were killed. Unverified reports later state that the death toll is up to 1,000. Israel denies any wrongdoing, blames Hamas, then changes narrative to blame Palestinian Islamic Jihad.


Cornette rocket launched from Lebanese territories towards northern occupied territories. Since last night, Hezbollah and occupation forces have been sparring sporadically across the southern border.

Israeli army sources state that they thwarted an infiltration attempt by a group of suspected militants and killed four of them.

Canada tells its citizens to leave Lebanon while commercial flights remain available.

Minister of Education Abbas al-Halabi announced the decision that schools in southern Lebanon continue to be closed

Gunfire and bombing exchanges escalated increasingly in the South as five Lebanese were killed in Alma el Chaab and fighting in Maroun el Rass.

An internal security forces center was damaged in the town of Ramia.
Hezbollah announced that six of its members were killed by Israeli forces.


Iran warns that preemptive measures may be taken in the coming hours. Around Tuesday noon, Iran’s Supreme Leader said Israeli leaders should be tried for their crimes.

Colombian President Gustavo Petro doubles down on criticism of Israel’s actions, suggesting that the country may need to suspend diplomatic relations. The Foreign

Minister also suggested that the Israeli ambassador should leave the country, prompting Israel to suspend security exports to Colombia.

Jordanian King warns against attempts to push refugees into Jordan or neighboring Egypt.

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz warns Iran and Hezbollah against joining the conflict.

US Secretary of State Blinken says that “a developing humanitarian plan is being looked into, but as of now, there’s nothing concrete.” Meanwhile, Russia’s proposal to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza was blocked by the UN Security Council, and humanitarian organizations are warning of the danger of the current situation.

Jordan cancels summit with Biden and other Arab leaders.

October 17, 2023
October 18, 2023

Twelfth Day

Israeli air forces bomb one of the two bakeries in Nusirat refugee camp.

The number of internally displaced persons in Gaza is estimated at about one million by the World Health Organization as the complete siege on Gaza continues.


Heavy Israeli shelling on villages in the south reported in the morning hours.

Several protests scheduled across the country including one at 12:00 pm in front of the UN ESCWA building, one at 1:00 pm in Baalbek, Bekaa and one at 2:00 pm in Haret Hreik.

The US Embassy has updated its travel advisory in Lebanon to level 4: Do Not Travel.

A Lebanese farmer was hit in one of the fields outside the town of Aitroun.

Tension escalating between protesters and internal security forces in the vicinity of the US embassy in Lebanon.

Explosions were reported in several Israeli military barracks on the border. Renewed Israeli bombardment on the areas of Alma al-Shaab and Ramia resumed.


UN Secretary-General called António Guterres calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Middle East.

Tunisian journalist Bassam Bounenni announces his resignation from BBC citing reasons of professional conscious 

The US vetoes a UN resolution for humanitarian pauses to allow aid to enter Gaza

October 18, 2023
October 19, 2023

Thirteenth Day

Israeli air raids continue over Gaza.

Israeli air raid destroyed one of the buildings belonging to the Greek Orthodox Church in the center of Gaza city.


The US Embassy urged its citizens in Lebanon to “plan their departure as soon as possible.” The US State Department also issued a worldwide caution travel alert.

Al Jazeera reported that nine civilians, including six journalists, are trapped near the town of Hola, and Israeli forces are firing around the place to prevent them from leaving.

Lebanese citizen Mohammad Rabih Al-Bikaii was killed when besieged. The other eight made it out safely.


The Rafah crossing gate is set to open from the Egyptian side as cement barriers were being raised.

October 19, 2023
October 20, 2023

Fourteenth Day

Israeli strike destroys Gaza’s oldest church and the third oldest church in the world still used, the Saint Porphyrius Greek Orthodox Church, killing at least 18 people and injuring many as a lot of people were taking shelter in the church.

Biden said he plans on requesting the Congress to send more funds to Israel and Ukraine.

Mass protests across the world continue, including in South Africa and Algeria.

October 20, 2023
October 21, 2023

Fifteenth Day

The first aid trucks (a reported 20) passed by the Rafah crossing, far from the required amount.

Hamas released 2 hostages.


Clashes between Israeli forces and fighters on the Lebanese side.

Pro-Palestinian protests head towards the US and German embassies.

October 21, 2023
October 22, 2023

Sixteenth Day

Israeli forces have continued attacks in the West Bank, targeting a mosque and different areas and arresting Palestinians.

Organizations warn that the amount of aid that has arrived is nowhere near the required amount.

17 trucks enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

An estimated 169,184 residential units have been damaged, including 15,749 destroyed and an estimated 206 educational facilities were damaged.

At least 5,087 individuals were killed in Gaza since 7 October, including 2,055 children and at least 15,273 were injured.

In the West Bank, at least 95 have been killed and at least 1,650 were injured.


Israeli forces have evacuated over 14 settlements close to the Lebanese northern borders, raising the total number of evacuated settlements to 48.

Hezbollah lost an estimated six to eight members, bringing the total of Hezbollah members killed since 7 October to 21 members as fighting on the border continues.


Israeli aid raid kills two workers at Syria’s Damascus airport.

China has reportedly deployed six warships in the region, while the US has escalated the deployment of air defence systems.

More than 100,000 protesters in the United Kingdom take to the streets in solidarity with Palestinians.

Protesters across the world have continued, including in countries where governments are supportive of Israeli forces, expressing rejection of the ongoing occupation and the genocide taking place.

October 22, 2023
October 23, 2023

Seventeenth Day

Israeli airstrikes continue to target medical facilities, causing damage to the Indonesian Hospital and striking the vicinity of al-Shifa and al-Quds, two major hospitals.

Around 42% of housing units in Gaza have been destroyed.


Israeli forces claim that they killed two Hezbollah targets in the process of launching anti-tank fire.

Chebaa farms continue to be the targets of Israeli strikes, while the town of Hola is under fire as well

Israeli media claim that the current round of fighting between Israeli forces and Hezbollah is the biggest since July 2006.


European visits to the Israeli government continue, this time including the French president and Dutch prime minister.

China has claimed it is ready to intervene for a ceasefire.

McDonald’s stock drops amidst international calls for boycott.

October 23, 2023
October 24, 2023

Eighteenth Day

5791 people have died so far, including 2360 children and 1292 women since the onslaught of Israeli aggressions on Gaza.

Israeli forces have arrested at least 32 individuals in the occupied West Bank.

Bombing in Gaza has continued, targeting hospitals and al-Shati camp, Rafah and Khan Younis as entire families have been wiped out with no survivors left to prepare for their funerals and as graveyards are full and those killed are being buried between existing graves.

At least 200 were killed last night.

Israeli airstrikes target the vicinity of Al Jazeera’s bureau, while the whole crew was present in the office.


The Israeli president says that if Hezbollah drags Israeli forces to a war then Lebanon will pay the price.

Israeli army launched 12 shells toward the Lebanese Army’s Jidar Center in the outskirts of the town of Rmeich.

Over 19,000 people have been displaced in Lebanon due to the recent military escalations.

CEO of Middle East Airlines (MEA) promised to cut flights in half and mentioned that, in the event of war-related accidents, insurance companies would now only cover 20 percent of the estimated value of aircraft.

Number of Hezbollah members killed rises to 35.

Israeli army is calling to expand the area of operation in south Lebanon.

An Israeli drone has launched 4 missiles north of Kfarshouba.

One martyr and others injured in Israeli airstrikes on Southern Lebanon.

Alarms ring in UNIFIL’s offices in Naqoura.

Israeli army targeted civilian domiciles and public schools in Ayta al Shaab.

The Saudi Embassy is repatriating diplomats through the Beirut airport on board Saudi air force planes.


French president Macron to visit Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas today.

Two pro-Palestinian protests were attacked: A man wielding a knife ran his car through one in Minnesota, and another man fired shots at people in Chicago.

Funding decisions: US Congress struggles to pass Israel aid bill amid political turmoil.

Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani:
“We are saying enough is enough. It is untenable for Israel to be given an unconditional green light and free license to kill, nor is it tenable to continue ignoring the reality of occupation, siege and settlement.”

October 24, 2023
October 25, 2023

Nineteenth Day

As of October 24, at least 5,791 (2,360 of whom are children) were killed in Gaza and at least 16,297 were injured. In the occupied West Bank, at least 96 were killed and at least 1,828 were injured.

At least 5 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire during overnight raids in the occupied West Bank.


Israeli bombing has continued on areas near/on the border including the area surrounding Kfarchouba, with reports of reconnaissance aviation reaching as deep as Tyre.

Lebanon has set in place an emergency plan that includes color-coding areas (red for areas in danger of being targeted, yellow for areas for shelter and aid), using around 75 schools for shelter and using 20% of revenues from the Beirut Port for repairing infrastructure. Minister of Social Affairs Hector Hajjar mentioned that the establishment of shelter centers are part of the plan, but they’re not for displaced Syrians as he referred to an emergency plan with the UNHCR that involves the organization establishing a precautionary camp along the borders with Syria.

Over 1,000 individuals have taken shelter in three schools in Tyre, with the situation being unsustainable given a lack of access to sanitation and medication and the spread of diseases such as scabies, not to mention ongoing phosphorus attacks by Israeli forces.

Israeli drones targeted civilians in KafarShouba.

Hezbollah fired a missile and damaged a military target in the vicinity of Hadeb l Boustan.

October 25, 2023
October 26, 2023

Twentieth Day

Death toll reaches 7,028, including 2,913 children and 1,709 women.

Israel conducted an overnight ‘targeted raid’ with tanks in Gaza

Israeli forces made another series of arrests (around 75) in the occupied West Bank this morning.

Journalist Du’a Sharaf is killed in an Israeli airstrike.

Preliminary information indicates that militants in Ain el Helwi from Taamir neighborhood attacked Al Braksat neighborhood using light and medium weapons. Staff instructed to avoid the area.


Hezbollah launched a rocket at an Israeli military airplane for the second time in this round of fighting.

Enemy reconnaissance flights reported over the western sector in the south

Displacement from the south reached Kesserwan, Jbeil, Batroun

The Higher Relief Commission has distributed the second batch of aid to displaced people in Tyre consisting of a quantity of mattresses and blankets.

The Israeli army shelled phosphorus artillery rounds on Aita al Shaab, and relocated several workers from the area after they were cordoned.


Israel strikes have killed 8 troops in Syria and hit Aleppo airport according to the Defence Ministry in Damascus.

European Union leader discuss a call for ‘Humanitarian Ceasefire’ in Gaza in Brussels.

October 26, 2023
October 27, 2023

Twenty-first Day

Hamas thward an infiltration attempt by two Israeli soldiers into Gaza. The Pentagon claims it was an operation to free hostages.

UN agency says 57 staff ‘confirmed killed’ in Gaza war.

UNRWA Commissioner-General: We will not be able to continue our work in the Gaza Strip without securing fuel.


Israeli bombing on the western sector after midnight and reconnaissance aviation over Tyre and Bent Jbeil.

Hezbollah fired a second antitank missile towards an Israeli military post on the Lebanese Palestinian borders.

October 27, 2023