Cabinet discusses budget increase for social assistance

Information Minister Abbas Halabi said yesterday that the cabinet thoroughly discussed Article 135, related to giving social assistance to public sector workers, with the aim of increasing the budget from LBP 165 billion to LBP 400 billion.

At the parallel market rate of LBP 21,000, this roughly amounts to 19 million dollars. This money will go towards providing aid for people with disabilities, the elderly, children and abused women.

The cabinet did not clarify how it intends to secure the necessary funds for the financing of this project and others.

Education Minister Abbas Halabi stated that all ministers stressed the importance of securing aid for public sector workers. More than 80 percent of the population is now below the poverty line as of the beginning of this year.

The International Monetary Fund previously stated that reforms will be a necessary prerequisite for the provision of a financial bailout, and the revision and validation of the concerned budget is a mandatory step in this process.