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Can you Harness Your Creativity?

We all tend to think that we are just too busy to “be creative,” or worse, that we are not creative to begin with. Creativity is often unfairly categorized to a specific type of person, like an artist with crazy hair, or a writer with rimmed glasses. In fact, creativity is in all of us; it just needs some attention to thrive. Artistry aside, the creative process exists in everything from business planning and management to parenting.

As I sit down to type these words, I still can’t really believe that I’m sharing with you these tidbits from my debut book: Harness Your Creativity: Eight Practical Tools to Develop your Best Ideas.

I wrote it because I know that you can harness your own natural creativity and wield it to its greatest extent. These tools will take you step by step to do just that in both your personal and professional life.

As a writer by trade, and an accidental entrepreneur, I’m an example of how creativity can seep into different industries and inside all aspects of life. 

As an artist, I write scripts for Lebanese film and TV, short stories (that were recently published), poetry, and of course, the occasional website content or TV advertisement. As an entrepreneur, I run my workshop-based company called FADE IN, where I develop creative writing workshops and manage a team of four creativity coaches. These workshops serve a dual purpose: to teach writing and emphasize on one’s natural creativity.

I used these tools to manage my business’s marketing and strategy plans. The methodology grew organically and began to help those in all kinds of sectors. The same methodology that helped writers build their stories was also helping professionals with their everyday work.

With support from my publisher, Turning Point Books, FADE IN opened a seminar to coach entrepreneurs, managers and high-level employees and enable them to harness their own natural creativity. It’s easy for your creativity to plateau after a long and tedious work week, so this seminar (and indeed the book itself) is made to provide you with the needed boost of inspiration to keep your edge and continue producing original work.

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, June 19 at Antwork in Hamra. For more info click HERE to sign up, and follow the book’s journey on Facebook and Instagram.
I hope you enjoy Harness Your Creativity, and that it proves helpful in your daily life and enables you to reach your ultimate potential.