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How lethal French weapons wound and kill protesters in Lebanon

“At first I thought that when you die, you no longer see anything but you can still hear and feel for a few seconds,” said one protester.

The woes of Lebanese women married to foreigners during COVID-19

Lebanon's nationality law does not allow women to pass their nationalities to their children, and limits their access to aid.

Beirut Brief: News from Feb. 22 – Feb. 28

We hope you're not watching this in the dark. This week in Lebanon, Elie Ferzli had multiple meltdowns on TV, AUB lost in court, and more.

Students file lawsuits against AUB

"We are convinced, after legal consultations with the team of lawyers helping us, that setting the tuition at the LBP 3,900 rate is not legal."

Rethinking Brzezinski in light of the Arab–Israeli normalization deals

Brzezinski’s analysis provides a geopolitical base to explain the UAE-Bahrain-Israel normalization deal through a historical lens.