Call for Paid Contributions

Beirut Today is looking for long-format articles on all human rights issues in Lebanon.

We are looking for stories that give voice to the people at the heart of them, and will be selecting 12 stories as part of an ongoing series.

Pay per article: $200 (fresh dollars)

Read the guidelines below and submit your pitch and two writing samples to: [email protected] 

Pitch Guidelines

  • Describe your story in two to three sentences.

For example, don’t just tell us you want to write about refugees in Lebanon. Tell us you want to write about how Palestinians refugees are excluded by the labor law by following the day-to-day life of young women refugees who are finding workarounds to make a living.

  • Why does this story matter?

What new information or fresh perspectives is your story bringing to the table?

  • What information will you need to tell a good story?

For example, in the pitch above, you would need information on the labor law, what effect it has on refugees, how they make a living, what the solutions are…

  • Who will you contact for information?

Who will you interview? What other sources will you use?

Article Guidelines

  • 1,200 – 2,000 words
  • Fact-based, not an opinion piece
  • Story that creates an emotional connection

And is told with special focus on giving voice to the individuals affected by the human rights issue you’re tackling.

  • Tackling any human rights issue relevant to Lebanon.

It could be about vulnerable groups (women, refugees, migrant workers, LGBTQ+, etc), small businesses, violence against protesters, electricity, the environment, and more.

  • Includes interviews with at least 2 individuals directly affected by the issue and 1 Interview with an expert.