Israeli Forces Commit a Massacre in Rafah Displacement Center

On Sunday evening, Israeli forces committed a new massacre when airstrikes targeted a center for displaced persons near the southern city of Rafah. The health ministry in Gaza confirmed that 40 people were killed by the strikes, while dozens were injured.

The center, which hosted people who were displaced from other areas of Gaza, was run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, otherwise known as UNRWA.

After another refusal of a permanent ceasefire, the strikes come amidst Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insistence on continuing the offensive.

The strikes also came after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to immediately halt operations in Rafah. Despite such orders and other international pressures, none were effective enough to prevent yet another massacre committed by Israeli forces.

In the afternoon hours of Monday, border clashes erupted between Egyptian and Israeli soldiers, with one Egyptian soldier reportedly killed, and at least seven Israeli reportedly injured.

A Continued Genocidal Campaign Amidst Unrealistic Objectives

The massacre comes amidst growing frustration within Israeli policy-making circles and overall population concerns about the end goal of the war and the failure to achieve satisfactory results.

The objective of “ending Hamas”, based upon which the entire campaign was justified, doesn’t seem any closer to attainment.

During the weekend, Hamas operatives effectively captured two Israeli soldiers, while also launching another wave of rockets towards Tel Aviv, not to mention the continued holding of hostages in Rafah.

Amidst such continued efforts from Hamas and other factions, the maniacal nature of Israeli forces’ campaign cannot be more apparent, disproportionately targeting children and civilians.

Pressures Continue Piling Up

In addition to the recent orders issued by the ICJ, to which Israeli authorities responded with sheer disregard, international diplomatic and political efforts have continued mounting for occupation forces.

Last week, Spain, Ireland, and Norway formally recognized the State of Palestine. Even in Germany, where pro-Palestine protests have been violently repressed, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that the ICJ’s order must be implemented.

On another front, social movements have continued pressuring authorities and organizations all over the world to end their affiliations with Israel. Demonstrations and sit-ins continue relentlessly on United States university campuses, while boycotting campaigns continue to considerably disrupt Israeli-affiliated and complicit companies’ economic operations.

As matters stand, the genocidal campaign is allowed to move forward by those complicit in its operations, while pressures around the world have continued mounting, yet still falling short of tipping the balance of powers.