Blu Fiefer’s Latest Single “Ekhir Hamme”: Mafi Budget with an Unapologetic Sound

Emphatic Mexican-Lebanese artist Blu Fiefer is back with a new single, “Ekhir Hamme”, as part of her upcoming debut album “Villain Bala Cause.” The single was released on August 31st and signaled the beginning Fiefer’s “villain on vacation era.”

Only a few weeks in, the music video has already garnered over 55 thousand views on the artist’s YouTube channel. 

A remix of the song, featuring Nayomi and Perrie, was later released on September 21st. Earlier this year, the three artists had the opportunity to connect during Beirut & Beyond’s Rap & Beyond residency showcase at KED.

The song is both unapologetic and roaring, with a beat produced by Fiefer herself and a music video that captures the three year journey she embarked on to create her debut album, “directed & edited by the artist herself.”

Beirut Today managed to contact the artist, music producer and director and acquire her perspective on what the single and its accompanying journey represent.

“‘Ekhir Hamme’ for me is a statement of my perspective right now and how I’ve been dealing with the past few years and all the noise that comes with it,” explains Fiefer. 

“We’ve been shooting the music video behind the scenes of other music videos, shows and traveling between the years of 2021 and 2023 documenting the journey of making my album ‘Villain Bala Cause.’”

“[The] single comes with a remix I’ve released alongside Iraqi-sweedish rapper Nayomi and Egyptian-Morrocan Rapper Perrie, it was shot in Beirut in the most authentic way, both music videos were shot on iPhone and produced in house by my label ‘Mafi Budget.’”

In the coming few months, Fiefer anticipates putting out the rest of her album and embarking on a promotional tour.

Sources of Influence

“I believe that everything shapes my music; my creative output is influenced by my environement, my context, the political conditions, my personal life and everything I absorb along the way[..]”, describes the artist.

She explains that the scene in general has been impacted by the country’s economic, political and cultural conditions. She pointed out that there have been a number of artists migrating for better living conditions, while those staying are either doing so because they don’t have a choice or because staying gives them a purpose to “represent their culture in their country.”

“It’s [definitely an extremely] challenging mission in all the ways to be any kind of artist in Lebanon and I’m really inspired by my peers who are holding their ground and working towards growing their careers and businesses in an [extremely] toxic landscape with no structure or reference in what they do,” adds Fiefer. 

“We are all paving our own way.”

Mafi Budget

Mafi Budget is an independent record label based in Lebanon, “focused on the development and growth of Arabic Hip hop while bridging and nurturing cultural exchanges within the rising movement coming from MENA.”

This year, the label has focused on the production and release of Blu Fiefer’s upcoming album, slowly to be released in chapters.

Despite limited socioeconomic opportunities and a narrowing scope of freedom in the country, artists have continued speaking up and challenging dominant, exclusionary and discriminatory social norms.

You can watch Blu Fiefer’s “Ekhir Hamme” on the below link:

For the remix featuring Nayomi and Perrie: