Country of Living; On the Land of Cedars

With climate change an increasing looming threat, how can we protect Lebanon’s forests and preserve its agricultural heritage?

In Episode 7 of our Riwayat docu-series, we look into the efforts of grassroots organizations working to protect Lebanon’s forests in the absence of government support, and as we slowly begin to face the consequences of climate change.

The team behind the production:

Karem Monzer

Lynn Cheikh Moussa

Laudy Issa

Maya Dakak

Abdel Rahim Doghman

Special thanks to:

Nijad Saad Eddine from the Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Raul Nehme, former Minister of Economy and Trade, and co-founder of Jouzour Loubnan

Joelle Sarkis from Jouzour Loubnan

Dr. George Mitri, Director of Land and Natural Resources at the University of Balamand

The Qarib II project, under which this documentary was made possible