Earlier this week, Fatima Fouad came forth to share her testimony on social media respectively accusing Aya Metwalli and Bashar Suleiman of drugging and raping her during a new year’s eve party on December 31, 2019.

On Tuesday evening, Aya Metwalli also came forth to share her own testimony. She also accused Suleiman of raping her that night after having protested that she did not want to have sex. Metwalli also attached screenshots of her conversation with Suleiman in the days of the aftermath. 

“I left with B.S. and he raped me at his place. Screenshots of the messages I sent him post that morning are published. After that conversation, I highly doubted myself; swallowed the whole thing, faint-heartedly buried it in an attempt to stay in control and continued to interact with B.S. in social situations and through common friends,” she wrote.

Metwalli described Suleiman as a “walking disaster at the party” and goes on to say she continued to be friendly with him that evening after she failed to realize “how aggressive of a person he is.”

In her testimony, Metwalli denied Fouad’s accusations of using force and premeditately plotting with Bashar Suleiman. She said Fouad showed interest in her while dancing to her DJ set.

“I reciprocated that interest so we danced and hung out in a sweet and intimate way,” said Metwalli. “At no point did I force myself upon her nor touch or kiss her against her will and everybody who was there that night could see that we were partying together in a very amicable manner. Many witnesses can confirm this if needed.”

Metwalli’s testimony adds that she was hanging out with Fouad when Suleiman approached them. She said they both agreed to his offer taking coke on the staircase and that “no one was forced into anything and no arms were pulled as alleged.”

Metwalli said Suleiman started to kiss Fouad, who in turn began to touch her. She attributed Fouad’s ripped stockings and bruises to drunken lust and Suleiman’s aggressivity.

“She did not ask him out loud to stop touching her, on the contrary, she was very lustful in the heat of the moment and it did not look to me like something that needed to be stopped,” said Metwalli. “Yet, I have absolutely no doubt that she was sexually assaulted by that man since she informed me the next day that she had asked him to stay away from her earlier in the party. I wish I had better judgement and enough lucidity at that moment to assess the situation better, recognize her vulnerability and intervene accordingly.”

Metwalli’s statement adds that this is the first time she has been accused of such violence.

“I had never been involved in nor accused of inflicting any harm on a woman (or a person for that matter) before or after that incident,” wrote Metwalli. “I’ve always been extremely proactive for women’s rights and I’ve always been super vocal about it. I’m incredibly sorry for what F.F went through that night. I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to protect her, but I wasn’t able to protect myself either.”

Metwalli also shared screenshots of a conversation she had with Fouad on January 2, 2020 where the two attempted to piece together details of the night.

In her own testimony, Fouad talked about the conversation, saying Metwalli “tried to avoid responsibility by turning herself from an assailant into B.S’s second victim and attempting to emotionally manipulate me. I cut all communication with her after that.”

In Metwalli’s words, Fouad “had no recollection of anything past the point where we went up the stairs and B.S. ripped off her stockings. I told her what happened.”

“The day after I reached out to check up on her. I asked her if she needed any help. At that point, the switch against me had already happened in her head. Her tone had changed, she told me not to try to be her friend and not to talk to her again. I assumed that she’s really hurt and I let her be,” she wrote.

As for the meeting that took place in Barzakh during the coming days, Metwalli said that she reacted in a “very impulsive, immature, and foolish” way.

“I snapped and called her a liar because the audacity of the allegation was beyond my ability to remain composed and stay compassionate,” she wrote.

Fatima Fouad posts final statement

This morning, Fouad posted her last words concerning the statements on her Instagram profile.

“Regarding A.M. saying that she is a survivor of rape by B.S., I believed her then, and I believe her now, especially after the stories confirming that he is a serial sexual assaulter,” wrote Fouad. “To be honest, when I wrote my testimony, it didn’t occur to me to mention that A.M. is a survivor. Why? Because months ago I saw a picture of her with B.S. posted on Feb 23, 2020 on IG, and a track featuring him released on July 27, 2021 on SoundCloud with their photo as a cover, this aroused my paranoia and suspicion, and her behavior in the meeting that followed the incident was not reasonable or acceptable for me.”

“Here, I am interested in clarifying something fundamental to me, A.M. being a survivor does not detract from her role in drugging, luring and manipulating me until this moment. She altered the details in her narration and resorted to lighter vocabulary, attempting to present us both as equal victims, and obscuring the fact that a few hours before she became a survivor, she was an aggressor and a complicit. I reject any deviation that condones or drops her role. The accounts of her involvement in drugging and luring show an abusive pattern that she has been adopting. I repeat, her position as an abuser does not negate her position as a survivor, and her being a survivor does not lessen her role in harming me,” she wrote.

Fouad added that multiple individuals had come forth within the last few days to tell her of A.M. forcibly drugging her and luring them into sexual acts that they weren’t comfortable with. She also added that multiple survivors of B.S. had also come forth.

“I now understand that a sexual scandal as rape is enough to expose the neoliberal ‘alternative and independent scene’ dominating the music, art and culture production, and to show the nature of power relations within this socio-economic network,” she added.

Fouad stated that she will log off her social media accounts during the weekend to enter a chosen solitude and take care of herself.

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