Trash for Profit | Riwayat: Episode 5

One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Short-sightedness and bad waste management practices have led to ever-growing landfills and piles of trash on streets in Lebanon, but what happens when you start thinking of trash as a wasted economic opportunity?

Watch “Trash for Profit”, episode 5 of Riwayat, now.

Director: Karem Monzer

Producer: Laudy Issa

Videographers: Abedul Karim Doghman & Maya Dakkak

Subtitles: Lynn Sheikh Moussa

Editor: Karem Monzer

With a special thank you to our featured guests:

Ziad Abichaker, CEO of Cedar Environmental

Marc Aoun, Co-Founder and GM of Compost Baladi

Samar Khalil, Environmental & Chemical Safety Officer at AUB

Karl Mhanna, Field Engineer at Compost Baladi

Rabea Touma, Lead Mechanical Engineer at Compost Baladi

And to our partners at #QaribMedia for making this possible.