Grenade explosion kills 13-year-old boy in Baalback

A 13-year-old boy was killed on Sunday when a grenade exploded in Kaab al-Masnaa, an area in the town of Brital, Baalbeck.

The victim, identified as Hadi Ali Khalil, was collecting scraps on the side of a road with his father, when he found a handheld grenade. The device detonated in his hands, instantly killing him.

The National News Agency reported that security forces attended to the scene before opening up an investigation into his death.

Ali Khalil’s death is a reminder of the vast number of explosive devices still plaguing Lebanon’s landscapes. In March 2021, one person was killed and four others were wounded when an unidentified object exploded in Bab al Tabbaneh.

Throughout the country’s history, explosive devices have often been used during wars and armed conflicts, and many have gone undiscovered, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries.