An open letter to the United Nations and Neighboring Countries

Let me begin by saying I am not a politician nor am I interested in politics. I am a humanist, a firm believer in human rights, which, allegedly, you all support. 

This letter will be brief: 

What is happening in Lebanon is not simply a Lebanese issue. Your interference or lack thereof is leading to multitudes of pains and illness and starvations.

The making of a new government with the same thieves is also a disaster that you have no problem supporting. But again, you know all that. 

Neighboring countries rich with petroleum and exporting it all over the world decide not to help Lebanon with its fuel shortage for reasons that are purely political.

No fuel means elderly dying from the heat, poor people dying from starvation, and sick patients dying from lack of oxygen and/or other lifesaving medical equipment.

Let me put it differently: You are responsible for any person who dies as a result of your lack of doing something.

Abstaining for doing what all religions require and what any decent body would on political grounds make you guilty of murders in the first degree. Your abstinence makes you criminals.  

I accuse all.