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Turkey’s Karpowership to Resume Electricity Supply

Turkey’s Karpowership decided to resume its electricity supply to Lebanon, effective as of yesterday afternoon.

The decision comes as part of a goodwill gesture, as Karpowership decided to pursue “constructive dialogue to identify solutions to the existing issues over the coming days and weeks”, reported the National News Agency (NNA).

The company had previously decided to shut down operations in May due to payment arrears and other issues. However, Karpowership stated that the company “understands well the significant challenges the country is facing” and has chosen to stand by Lebanon in its time of need.

Despite the current challenges, the company has reiterated its commitment to find a workable solution. It will from now on supply 370 megawatts (MW), which amounts to around a quarter of the country’s electricity supply.

In recent weeks, citizens have had to ration the usage of electricity as state electrical supply lasts only for a maximum of four hours a day, and many risk the fear of damaging their generators due to extensive usage.