Bisri Dam: Dirty politics, environmental mess, and cheaper alternatives

At midnight, the World Bank’s September 4 deadline for the Lebanese government to meet “the tasks that are preconditions to the commencement of construction of the [Bisri] dam” will be passed. The government –unable to provide even a crane to save someone stuck under the port explosion’s rubble for 29 days– failed to meet the tasks. But this time, it’s for the best.

The case against Bisri dam is strong: It’s a waste of public funds, wipes out a rich ecosystem, will use contaminated water, and has cheaper alternatives. Before August 4, we talked to activists, representatives of the Save Bisri campaign, and even MP Georges Adwan about the Bisri Dam. Here’s what they all had to say.

Filmed: Karl Bou-Rjeily

Directed and Edited: Karem Monzer