A 70 Years Long Nightmare


On November 29, 1947 UN resolution 181 gave the land of Palestine to strangers coming from afar and shattered the Arab dream of unification.

Moving the war dynamics from Europe to the Middle East, this resolution — voted on in three minutes — planted the seed of a destructive course of history that has brought misery to more than 1.3 million native Palestinians, along with tens of millions of people across the Arab nation.

In Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Jordan and beyond, people have been subjected to the plans of a ruthless enemy relentlessly conniving to sow division and hatred.

A Holy War was declared to disguise an act of robbery as a legitimate retribution to a religious community that was suffering from the brutality of the Nazi Regime during World War II.

The same Arabs that had historically welcomed persecuted communities from Europe now found themselves in the middle of a fiery storm that is yet to calm down.

Many wars were fought in the name of a cause narrated from the perspective of solely the two sides. Yet, what tipped the balance in Israel’s favour was that millions of Arabs were unable to agree on a single remedy for the cancer gnawing them from within.

This is the legacy of the Israeli state in the region: settlements, brutal repressions of Palestinian uprisings, direct wars with neighboring countries, and persistent attempts to sabotage any effort to build modern societies and provide a better future for children in a region that has been the theatre of major powers’ proxy wars for a long time now.

Let it be known that we as a people will never accept the normalization with the terrorist state of Israel. All segments of Arab societies, including intellectuals and educated elites, have lived with this destructive reality while nurturing the hope of a settlement that would bring justice back.

Some believe in the right of Arabs to take back with force what was taken by force. Others may think that there are different ways of finding a solution to this inherent tragedy. However, it is unanimously agreed upon that there will be no bright future in this central part of the world if the international community doesn’t push for justice.

World peace can only be attained when major causes, such as the Palestinian right to self-determination, are actualized.