How far can suspending Beirut’s “pride” go?

With so many campaigns,initiatives, and movements supporting LGBTQ+ rights gaining strong ground recently, the question about whether the government is going to take sound measures to protect such a community (among other marginalised ones) resonates beyond the International Day Against Homophobia,Transphobia, and Biphobia.

Kozo talk post-rock, debut album, and live performances

The diversity in musical styles and interests among the different members of Kozo makes it difficult to categorize the band into any single subgenre of post-rock

Civil War Beirut: The youth needs to know more

The history that is being taught to those students seems to stop in 1943, the year that Lebanon gained its independence from the French Mandate

Lebanon’s Parliamentary Elections: Sectarian Cartel’s Grip On Power Enshrined

Many independent or so-called “civil society” lists had high expectations that the new proportional law could help them get some seats.

An Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Eliane Azzi

Beirut Today interviews Hada Minna’s parliamentary candidate Eliane Azzi from the district of Chouf

An Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Elias Hankach

Beirut Today interviews Kataeb’s parliamentary candidate Elias Hankach running for the Maronite seat in the Mount Lebanon II (Maten) district.

Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Hadi Aboulhosn

Beirut Today interviews Progressive Socialist Party’s parliamentary candidate Hadi Aboulhosn running for the Druze seat in the Mount Lebanon III (Baabda) district.

Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Yorgui Teyrouz

Beirut Today interviews Li Baladi’s parliamentary candidate Yorgui Teyrouz from the Beirut I district.

An Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Nicolas Sehnaoui

Beirut Today interviews Free Patriotic Movement’s parliamentary candidate Nicolas Sehnaoui from the Beirut I district

Civil Society is not unquestionable

What guarantees do Lebanese voters have that these candidates will still be unified after the elections?