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Beirut Today is a newly established newspaper alternative that offers an independent environment that enables writers, reporters, bloggers, activists, and members of society to voice their diverse ideals and opinions, free from the influence of advertisers and political figures.

In the absence of an independent source of news in Lebanon and the region, Beirut Today seeks to fill that gap. In a space where conventional news outlets and large media companies tend to prey on the instincts and fear of communities within society to drive content, Beirut Today serves as a platform to facilitate the expression of individuals in communities across Lebanon and throughout the diaspora.

If Beirut Today’s message and mission resonate with you and if you want to help us remain independent, please become a supporter.

All contributions are used to produce quality reporting and analysis to allow its readers to remain up to date on current events and discussions in the public sphere. Contributions are also directed towards the creation of photographs, videos and infographics that both portray and highlight today’s Beirut in the form of transcendent visuals.

Beirut Today has adopted an innovative method to include its contributors in decision-making and content. When a reader subscribes for instance $3 each month for one year, they de facto own a share in Beirut Today. Shareholders join the newspaper’s General Assembly, and are entitled to the following privileges:

1. Attend the General Assembly and vote on important decisions pertaining to the editorial orientation of the institution.

2. Submit an unlimited number of publications every year.

3. Elect members of the Editorial Board.

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