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Beirut Today is, first and foremost, community-based. We receive volunteer submissions from young writers, activists, academics, students, and more.

Believing in accountability and transparency, we find it necessary to disclose the generous partners who have supported us with the production of human rights content:

  • QARIB project, implemented by CFI and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD)
    • Three human rights documentaries to be released in April 2021
  • The European Endowment for Democracy (EED)
    • Core funding between January 2019 and March 2021 to produce human rights articles and videos

Currently, Beirut Today is seeking sustainable sources of funding through offering media consultancy services.

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Laudy Issa, Managing Editor
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Blaming Syrians For Lebanon’s Problems Is Cowardly and Destructive

  Our foreign minister, our official representative to the world, demonstrated that racism has now become part of our national identity—Can anyone really blame him? Populist policies have been continuously aiming at making Syrian refugees illegal residents, imposing illegal curfews on them, closing down their businesses, and releasing fake news reports which note 300,000 Syrian births per year. Evidently, racism against Syrians is not a...

Supermilk: Promoting Exclusive Breastfeeding in the Arab Region

We dared to imagine a breastfeeding friendly Arab region in 2030, where mothers are empowered to make informed decisions about their health and the health of their children and are given the space and right to act on them, and we were rewarded for our vision. Our team, Supermilk, won first place at the Visualize 2030 Beirut Hackathon that was organized by the Arab Development...

Sidewalk Beirut: Slow Down and Speak Up!

On Wednesday the 25th of October, Lebanon will witness the launch of Beirut’s first and only weekly Open Mic initiative! Sidewalk Beirut will take place every Wednesday, 8PM, at Riwaq Cafe in Geitawi where you will find the host of the evening with a notebook signing up performers for the night.  Over the past few years, Beirut was at the receiving end of a wide range of initiatives...