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Beirut Today thrives on the contributions of authors from all walks of life. Anyone can write for Beirut Today, the newspaper runs an open publication policy, and our content will always remain free and accessible to all. You can submit your articles here!


Beirut Today is, first and foremost, community-based. We receive volunteer submissions from young writers, activists, academics, students, and more.

Believing in accountability and transparency, we find it necessary to disclose the generous partners who have supported us with the production of human rights content:

  • QARIB project, implemented by CFI and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD)
    • Three human rights documentaries to be released in April 2021
  • The European Endowment for Democracy (EED)
    • Core funding between January 2019 and March 2021 to produce human rights articles and videos

Currently, Beirut Today is seeking sustainable sources of funding through offering media consultancy services.

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Latest Content

Trump Can Claim Jerusalem, But the International Community Is Not On His Side

In a monumentally disappointing speech, President Donald J. Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in the White House yesterday. He claimed that this recognition is the first step to a “new approach to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians” and “to advance the peace process”. What does this mean? And why is it so problematic? Jerusalem and the Two-State Solution: Historically, and within...

What Being an HIV Individual in Lebanon Truly Entails

  Finding out you are HIV positive is upsetting on discovery. Living in a society that scrutinizes you for it, however, is an entirely different kind of torment. The stigma behind an HIV diagnosis is not as severe as it was 30 years ago. Still, what does life as an HIV-positive individual in Lebanon entail? Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that attacks one’s immune...

Murder On The Orient Express (2017): A Thought-Provoking Production

Murder on the Orient Express is the latest movie adaptation of the classic murder mystery written by Agatha Christie. It tells the tale of the murder of an American businessman on the Orient Express, after the train is stranded during a snowstorm. Who amongst the thirteen passengers on the train is the murderer? It’s all up to exceptional Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, to find...