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Beirut Today thrives on the contributions of authors from all walks of life. Anyone can write for Beirut Today, the newspaper runs an open publication policy, and our content will always remain free and accessible to all. You can submit your articles here!


Beirut Today is, first and foremost, community-based. We receive volunteer submissions from young writers, activists, academics, students, and more.

Believing in accountability and transparency, we find it necessary to disclose the generous partners who have supported us with the production of human rights content:

  • QARIB project, implemented by CFI and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD)
    • Three human rights documentaries to be released in April 2021
  • The European Endowment for Democracy (EED)
    • Core funding between January 2019 and March 2021 to produce human rights articles and videos

Currently, Beirut Today is seeking sustainable sources of funding through offering media consultancy services.

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Latest Content

Review of 36 Abbas Street, Haifa: Home is Hope

On a dark stage, a foreign melody plays; its distinct nationalistic undertones sound original and second-hand. Although unfamiliar to my ears, it still makes me feel uncomfortable, less so than the Palestinian woman sitting next to me, however. The Israeli national anthem blares loudly through Masrah Al-Madina’s speakers in Hamra and our narrator sings it proudly. Proudly and loudly. And then she wakes up. Only...

Nabatieh’s Cinema Stars Calls for Help

Beirut is often thought to be at the center of the country’s art and culture scene while other cities still struggle to garner a reputation for nurturing the arts. Beirut, with its expanding gentrification and increasingly packed neighborhoods, has taken on the mantle–as capital of Lebanon–to be the country’s hub in all sectors. Yet, Nabatieh, a city in the heart of South Lebanon, is...

Military Retirees Demand Equal Treatment as Part of Salary Scale Law

A few dozen retired military members blocked Bchara el Khoury street in central Beirut Monday afternoon to demand equal treatment as fellow public servants in the salary hike law under study at the Lebanese Parliament. “Almost all public sector employees observed a 140% increase in salary when we, the retired from Lebanese military institutions, have in fact only observed an overall increase of 35%” General...