Israel withdraws from Jenin following deadly raid

Israeli troops withdrew from the Palestinian city of Jenin after their two-day raid in the city’s refugee camp, which killed at least 12 Palestinians and injured around 100 others.

The operation is the largest in Jenin in 20 years, and has seen unprecedented escalation as drones, missiles and bulldozers have turned areas of the camp to rubble.

Following the end of the operation, Palestinians were seen celebrating what they considered a failure from Israel to crush the armed factions, while Israel claims it has completed its operation.

Israel claims its raid was to deter Palestinian resistance groups, as the Jenin refugee camp, home to up to 15,000 Palestinians displaced from their homes in the 1948 war, became a stronghold for several armed Palestinian factions.

Over the past year, several Palestinian operations originating from the camp, along with Israel’s failure in quelling the factions, may have exposed a weakness within the occupying state’s ranks, Israeli affairs specialist Hamdullah Anafeh told Al Jazeera.

Thousands of residents were seen fleeing their homes, as Israeli soldiers threatened to blow them up should they stay.

Tear gas was fired at hospitals, while ambulances were prevented from helping wounded Palestinians.

Physicians for Human Rights Israel said that at least three hospitals came under attack, limiting their operational capacity.

The situation following the raid remains unknown, as Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the operation would not be a one-off.

With the continued occupation of Palestinian lands, along with the system of apartheid imposed on Palestinians as described by several Palestinian and international human rights organization, tensions are expected to remain high.