Beirut Design Week brings much needed renovation to the city

BDW’s selected theme, “Design & the City,” focused on the advantages of design, where it was portrayed as far more than just a physical attribute, and was characterized as a tool that could be used to shape the city and the community at large.

The Volunteer Circle: Making Volunteer Work in Lebanon Simple

The Volunteer Circle hopes to create an easy and convenient platform to connect NGOs and volunteers.

Gizzmo on selling what’s fake, EP Easter eggs, and Beirut indie scene

Their characters are the result of distinct backgrounds that found a middle ground as Gizzmo, a band that kicked off playing Gorillaz and Air covers before creating their own music.

Can you Harness Your Creativity?

“I wrote it because I know that you can harness your own natural creativity and wield it to its greatest extent. These tools will take you step by step to do just that in both your personal and professional life.”

Chief AUBMC Surgeon discusses operating on injured Palestinians in Gaza

Abu Sitta discussed his experience in Gaza chronologically, and provided his own analysis and conclusions on the events taking place.

How far can suspending Beirut’s “pride” go?

With so many campaigns,initiatives, and movements supporting LGBTQ+ rights gaining strong ground recently, the question about whether the government is going to take sound measures to protect such a community (among other marginalised ones) resonates beyond the International Day Against Homophobia,Transphobia, and Biphobia.

This aching ghost town

  This ghost town needs not Your sympathy Your needless speeches Your endless hypocritical lingo..

Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Yorgui Teyrouz

Beirut Today interviews Li Baladi’s parliamentary candidate Yorgui Teyrouz from the Beirut I district.

An Interview with Parliamentary Candidate: Nicolas Sehnaoui

Beirut Today interviews Free Patriotic Movement’s parliamentary candidate Nicolas Sehnaoui from the Beirut I district

Civil Society is not unquestionable

What guarantees do Lebanese voters have that these candidates will still be unified after the elections?