Lebanon’s government applies the “Arab Tyrant Manual” as crisis looms

While Lebanon has historically attained a reputation of maintaining a bare minimum of press freedom, it now seems to have adopted the “Arab Tyrant Manual.”

"Palestine rejects division, no to colonial annexation" (Photo: Fawzi Mahmoud / The Palestine Chronicle)
The razor’s edge of Israeli apartheid: Annexation or ethno-state?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may (or may not) begin to lead cabinet discussions concerning.

Lebanese politicians are pushing for laws that jail those who insult them

As the economic crisis keeps unfolding & corruption remains rampant, having free voices is essential to properly understanding public needs.

ICC and grand corruption in Lebanon
ICC’s potential role in ending Lebanon’s saga of grand corruption

While Grand corruption is not in the list of core international crimes over which the ICC has jurisdiction, the Court can investigate crimes against humanity.

Workers Unite: The rise, fall, and future of Lebanon’s labour movement

What will it take to sustain the workers movement on the long run?

A Lebanese army soldier throws a tear gas canister towards anti-government protesters in Tripoli, Lebanon on Tuesday, April 28, 2020. (PHOTO: Bilal Hussein / AP)
The trickle-down of Lebanon’s power-sharing system epitomizes in Tripoli

While the army was meant to maintain Taif’s division of power and address intra-Lebanese violence, it is not perceived as a neutral institution in Tripoli.

(PHOTO: Sputnik News via AFP / Abdullah Elgamoud) migrants and migration in Europe article
Europe employs COVID-19 to restrict new migration wave

“European Union member states are co-opting the pandemic to reinforce deadly border policies,” said Haidi Sadik, a spokesperson at Sea-Watch.

Man in face mask walks past a mural that reads "We Are Tired" in Tripoli, Lebanon. (Photo: AFP)
Counter-hegemony in Tripoli: Dispelling years of militarism & demonization

The neoliberal economic planning and militaristic hegemony Tripoli is resisting today is deeply rooted in perceptions of Tripoli since the 1990s.

Migrant workers article main header, green background (Original photo taken from The Daily Star / Mohammad Azakir)
Migrant workers trapped with Lebanese abusers in COVID-19 outbreak

Their rights, already denied by the country’s Kafala system, are further threatened by COVID-19 movement restrictions.

Marijuana article: Syrian refugees work in cannabis field in Bekaa. (Patrick Baz / AFP / The Guardian)
Legalizing marijuana will not save the Lebanese economy

Who will benefit from legalizing marijuana? Similar to the tobacco industry, it most certainly is not the cannabis farmers.