children and moral anti-natalist article graphic
How I turned from a mother of 8 to an anti-natalist

Bringing children to this world means that you will have to accept that they grow up in a Draconian universe of deceit, lies and greed.

(Illustrated: Christina Atik) Sex education and harassment article
Women on Twitter speak up about harassment and rape in Lebanon

One thing is clear: sex education, including a lesson on consent, is needed in Lebanon.

What the Lebanese people want and deserve

People have waited for too long to give additional chances for those in power to accept piecemeal and sequential reforms. Their economic welfare is no longer separable from their political dignity, especially when insults to their lives –and their intelligence– are perpetrated on a daily basis.

A sign that reads "Let us protest in a civilized way so that you don't have an excuse to kill us."(Mohamed Azakir/Reuters/Al Jazeera) violent in the Lebanese protests
Non-violence will carry the Lebanese revolution forward

Revolutions are hardly ever associated with non-violence, especially when they intend to overthrow an authoritarian.

Nour Square, Tripoli (Eva Mahfouz)
Stories From The Protests: The Kindness of Strangers from Tripoli to Beirut

This revolution sparked a sense of belonging that was unfamiliar to the everyday people you find on the streets of Lebanon.

Are you in favor of a secular state? A referendum on the Lebanese identity

Lebanese citizens are demanding change, but not everyone is ready for a secular state. A referendum could help create a unified national identity.

A sign that reads "To the expats, to every tear that was shed in the airports, the revolution is for you."
Diaspora Voices: A Letter To A New Beirut

Most conversations I have these days tend to end with a general air of disappointment..

Protests in Beirut, IC article (Eva Mahfouz)
International College: Microcosm of Lebanon’s Revolution and Its Precursor

Words of caution fall off like autumn leaves draping the grounds during times of revolutionary.

President Aoun’s speech wasn’t even live

The rumours aren’t true. President Aoun is alive.

Protests in Jal El Dib, where demonstrators occupy the new bridge in Jal El DIb. (Firas El Khoury)
Lebanon Protests: What makes this revolution different

Sectarian allegiances are finally being questioned in the Lebanese protests happening across the country.