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Hospitals and hunger: Lebanon’s COVID-19 battle is multipronged

Inside hospitals, frontliners are overwhelmed as COVID-19 cases spike. And on the streets, people are hungry.

Beirut Brief: News from Jan. 11 – Jan. 17

#BeirutBrief: Your weekly roundup of news from.

The cost of Lebanon’s New Year’s Eve celebrations

When you're done watching this, 12 new people would have been infected with COVID-19 in Lebanon –with 6,154 new cases reported yesterday.
Health minister Hamad Hassan sits in a hospital bed at St. George Hospital while a healthcare worker fully cladded in a hazmat suit stands beside him.

Health minister admitted to hospital, while others are rejected

Health Minister Hamad Hassan was in stable condition when he was transported to the St. George Hospital in Beirut.

Lebanon’s 11-day lockdown begins

Lebanon began its state of health emergency on Thursday morning, launching an 11-day lockdown to ease the out-of-control spike in COVID-19.