A homeless man walks past closed shops in Beirut. (PHOTO: Alhurra via REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir) | Public policy intervention article
Public policy intervention: Lack of vision or visionaries?

The extended four-day shutdown in Lebanon reflects subpar public policy-making.

On the Algerian involvement in the case of fuel oil fraud in Lebanon

This is not the first time that Algerian oil and gas company Sonatrach has been criticized for scandals by Lebanese media.

The earlier months of Lebanon's anti-government revolution were characterised by peaceful, joyous protests. Today, protesters are hungrier, the economy is collapsing and poverty rates have skyrocketed. As such, protests are more violent. (Photo: Andre Mahfouz)
The leadership problem of Lebanon’s protests

And why new leaders who possess sufficient political acumen must rewrite the script.

Lebanese women hold candle-lit vigil in tribute to four murdered women in Beirut, Lebanon, December 23 2017. REUTERS/Isam Abdallah
Call toxic masculinity by its name

Mazen Harfoush’s crime is not an isolated incident. He is one of many Lebanese men who have taken the lives of their spouses to assert their dominance.

He didn’t rape me: A story of self-doubt, anger, and surviving assault

These violations happen way too often for us not to talk about.

democracy in the Arab world article
COVID-19: A blank cheque for authoritarian Arab regimes

For Arab countries, the fight against COVID-19 threatens to become an excuse for the crackdown on dissent, the clampdown on freedoms and the abuse of power.

The Happy Rose

A thank you to sanitation workers, the invisible heroes keeping another public health crisis at bay in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The courage to live amidst the unbearable heaviness of being

She was ten years of age when, leaving the Italian School in Beirut on a.

Wissam Saad sits at his desk in his persona at Al Jadeed
When will Lebanese television comedians learn to respect women?

Al Jadeed’s Wissam Saad is the latest Lebanese media personality to make rape the punchline of a joke.

Medusa of Modern Times, COVID-19
How COVID-19 is the Medusa of modern times

Like Medusa, COVID-19 has two faces.