The courage to live amidst the unbearable heaviness of being

She was ten years of age when, leaving the Italian School in Beirut on a.

Wissam Saad sits at his desk in his persona at Al Jadeed
When will Lebanese television comedians learn to respect women?

Al Jadeed’s Wissam Saad is the latest Lebanese media personality to make rape the punchline of a joke.

Medusa of Modern Times, COVID-19
How COVID-19 is the Medusa of modern times

Like Medusa, COVID-19 has two faces.

Detail of Colossal Krater from Altamura, about 350 B.C., Greek, made in Apulia, South Italy. (Photo: The Iris) Sisyphus article
Sisyphus was condemned to roll his rock: “We must imagine Sisyphus happy”

As I sit, work & dream from home because of COVID-19, the words of Karl Marx strike me as more realistic than ever: Capitalists are their own grave-diggers.

Syrian refugees in a building under construction they have been using as a shelter in the city of Saida, March 2020. There are rising fears that refugee communities are at an increased risk of getting COVID-19. (AP / Al Arabiya)
Forgetting “refugees” during COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought to the surface social inequalities for which “refugees” and the less advantaged are not morally responsible.

When the elderly become disposable: COVID-19 and discrimination

“Do not be afraid, the virus kills only the elderly and the seriously ill” is not a reassurance, or at least it ought not be.

Selfishness in times of COVID-19

What human being is that who decides to increase the prices of masks, detergents, or alcohol just to make more money during the coronavirus outbreak?

children and moral anti-natalist article graphic
How I turned from a mother of 8 to an anti-natalist

Bringing children to this world means that you will have to accept that they grow up in a Draconian universe of deceit, lies and greed.

(Illustrated: Christina Atik) Sex education and harassment article
Women on Twitter speak up about harassment and rape in Lebanon

One thing is clear: sex education, including a lesson on consent, is needed in Lebanon.

What the Lebanese people want and deserve

People have waited for too long to give additional chances for those in power to accept piecemeal and sequential reforms. Their economic welfare is no longer separable from their political dignity, especially when insults to their lives –and their intelligence– are perpetrated on a daily basis.