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Beirut Today is an independent, community-based platform looking to create a comfortable space for back and forth discussion on the issues that matter.

Being community-based means that we believe your voice matters. If you’ve got something to say, we want to hear it.

We ask people in Lebanon if they’re planning to leave the...

"We can't keep watering a dead plant," says one woman about why she's planning on leaving Lebanon.

Aya Metwalli says Bashar Suleiman raped her as well, Fatima Fouad...

Aya Metwalli shared her testimony and also attached screenshots of her conversation with Bashar Suleiman in the days that followed.
Poster for "Who Killed Youssef Beidas?"

“Who Killed Youssef Beidas?”: A tale of neoliberalism and love

"Who Killed Youssef Beidas?" transforms love into a commodity and reflects on today’s economic collapse by looking to the past.

Bashar Suleiman and Aya Metwalli exposed as rapists and abusers

In accordance with our zero tolerance policy against all forms of violence, Beirut Today stands in solidarity with Fatima Fouad.

UN: Israeli forces fired the shot that killed journalist Shireen Abu...

An independent investigation conducted by the UN found that Israeli occupation forces killed Al Jazeera TV journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

Charbel and Abdo Sawma on finding freedom in jazz and synching...

Lebanese Jazz musicians Charbel and Abdo Sawma are Beirut Today's guests for episode two of Quickfire Questions.

Watch these hypnotizing Lebanese dancers get the Golden Buzzer on America’s...

Lebanese all-woman dance troupe Mayyas mesmerized the judges and audience in America's Got Talent with their synchronized movements.