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Beirut Brief: News from Jan. 18 – Jan. 24

#BeirutBrief: Your weekly roundup of news from Lebanon. What happened this week? Riad Salameh was questioned for money-laundering allegations, the lockdown was extended, and more.

Five ways the Lebanese education system falters

From the lack of funding for public schools to the focus on memorizing, Lebanon's education system could use some changes.

Art de Triomphe: Samar Mogharbel’s ceramics intersect with politics

We sit down with Samar Mogharbel to chat about socially-engaged art, the essence of her field, and her recent exhibition.

FPM activists don’t want to vaccinate Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Lebanon finalized a deal with Pfizer on Sunday to secure 2.1 million doses of the company’s COVID-19 vaccine amidst a vicious second wave that...

Hospitals and hunger: Lebanon’s COVID-19 battle is multipronged

Inside hospitals, frontliners are overwhelmed as COVID-19 cases spike. And on the streets, people are hungry.