Students protest the tuition dollarization in front of the Ministry of Education in Lebanon in early 2019. (Facebook | @madanetwork)
University tuition fees susceptible to more increase

Despite not having the same services and quality of education, students are still expected to pay full tuition fees as the economy plummets.

Clashes between the Lebanese army and protesters in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, one of the many locations where demonstrators are demanding their basic rights as Lebanon’s economy crashes and the price of basic goods rises. (Photo: AP / Bilal Hussein) Tripoli article
Tripoli mourns death of protester following night of violence and clashes

Lebanon’s army used live bullets, rubber rounds, and tear gas to disperse protesters in Tripoli, where banks are being set on fire as the economy crashes.

Spraying sanitising liquid around a bank in Beirut (Photo: Al-Jazeera via Anwar Amro / AFP) easing lockdown measures in Lebanon article
Easing lockdown must be gradual to prevent another outbreak in Lebanon

The low numbers of new COVID-19 cases are a good sign, but our healthcare system cannot handle another wave of infections.

President Michel Aoun heads a cabinet meeting on April 9, 2020. (Photo: Dalati Nohra/Handout via Reuters) Economic draft plan article
Lebanon’s economic draft plan: A bill for the many?

What answers does the leaked government draft plan provide in the midsts of Lebanon’s financial, political, and public health crises?

Lebanon's Central Bank, closed after the government declared a state of medical emergency in light of COVID-19. (Photo: Al Jazeera via Mohamed Azakir / Reuters) shrinking Lebanon's economy 2020 article
Lebanon’s economy to shrink by 12 percent in 2020

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicted on Tuesday, April 14 that Lebanon’s economy will shrink.

Global Economy article by Hussein (Source: Google News)
How COVID-19 is dismantling the world economy, healthcare, and morality

The world’s biggest cities are being vacated, and the global economy is in shock because of the COVID-19 outbreak. How will it recover?

An empty Hamra Street during the COVID-19 lockdown in Lebanon (Photo: Tariq Keblaoui) | Health pandemic in Lebanon
How much longer can Lebanon pull through an economic and health pandemic?

Similar to catching COVID-19, losing a job because of the ongoing pandemic could cost thousands of people –and their families– their entire lives.

Amid coronavirus lockdown, Italy faces inklings of unrest

Authorities fear both that organized crime groups will exploit the crisis and that spontaneous revolts will result from growing livelihood concerns.

A dog wears a mask over its mouth on a street in Beijing on February 13, 2020. Pets article on Animals Lebanon
COVID-19: Pets ditched on Beirut streets, animal welfare groups swamped

On misinformation and the economic hardships of both pet owners and animal welfare groups in Lebanon.

Lebanese doctor requests MPs and ministers donate salaries to combat coronavirus

Leading Dr. Nidal Mawla in Lebanon’s coronavirus response is requesting MPs and ministers to donate.