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Homeless bookseller’s store burned down in Lebanon

“Pick out the book you like for free, and congratulations,” bookseller Mohamed Maghrabi would say to anyone who visited him.

Women and refugees paid less to work more in Lebanon’s agriculture...

Women, local and Syrian alike, earn significantly less than men for the agriculture work they do in Lebanon.
Still from Don't Look Up where Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and Timothée Chalamet are walking in a dishevelled supermarket.

Don’t Look Up screams into the void

A few weeks have passed since its premiere, but Adam McKay's Don't Look Up is already one of the most divisive films out there.
Photo showing a Beirut Municipality Horsh Beirut sign hung up on a green gate against a backdrop of trees

Beirut Municipality spends LBP 280 million on closed parks

The Beirut Municipality closed the capital’s public parks during the first COVID-19 lockdown, back in early 2020.

Wealth of billionaires increases by $5 trillion during COVID-19 pandemic

The $5 trillion increase in billionaire wealth shown in the new Oxfam briefing is larger than the past 14 years combined.

Lebanese drivers frustrated by low protest turnout on “day of rage”

“I regret the day I was born Lebanese,” Ahmad, a taxi driver, told Beirut Today. “All I can think of is how to leave."

Emsallam on resistance in music, mental health, and rap in the...

Emsallam, the Jordanian/Palestinian audio visual artist, rapper and painter, talks to Beirut Today after his first performance in Lebanon.