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Pamela Mansour on designing an Ixsir bottle, living in the now,...

Get to know the visual artist who has collaborated with local artists, brands, and creatives under her brand, lustrations.

What are Lebanon’s new COVID-19 measures for the holidays?

Lebanon’s COVID-19 committee has imposed a series of new social distancing and lockdown measures ahead of the holidays.
Migrants stranded on the Belarus-Poland border. Photo: UNHCR Belarus

Belarus refugee crisis instills fears of forced deportation

For weeks now, fear has spread among refugees looking towards the European Union (EU) for a better life as news of the displaced stuck...

Why boycotting Lebanon’s upcoming election is being discussed

Does voting in the upcoming general election mean we are being complicit in sustaining a flawed system of governance?

IMF Negotiation Committee agrees on unified numbers for financial losses

The Lebanese committee delegated with the task of negotiating a bailout plan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has finally reached a “unified vision”...

Protestors block roads across Lebanon over deteriorating living conditions

Demonstrators across Lebanon blocked roads in protest against worsening economic conditions and the collapsing currency.
Illustration of theft: robber stealing phone out of the pockets of an individual on a public street

Lebanon’s theft crimes increase by 265 percent compared to 2019

An average of 16 thefts per day were documented in Lebanon during October 2021, as per the Internal Security Forces.