Two die by suicide as Lebanon’s economic crisis worsens

A 60-year-old man died by suicide this morning on Hamra Street, where a Lebanese flag,.

A man searching for food in Lebanon during November 2019 (Photo: Middle East Monitor via Ibrahim Chalhoub / AFP / Getty Images) Famine article
Lebanese at risk of famine as poverty soars

With no clear solutions to Lebanon’s economic crisis in sight, the possibility of famine is the latest addition to the country’s bleak future.

What is the Lebanese crisis hiding for freelancers and the self-employed?
What is the Lebanese crisis hiding for freelancers and the self-employed?

The Lebanese workforce is taking the hit of the collapsing economy.

How do we prevent the total collapse of the Lebanese Pound?

The national currency needs to be prevented from total collapse, and this needs to be done in a pragmatic and gradual approach with a clear bias towards protecting the interests of the majority of the population against the predatory behavior of the ruling cartel.

Agricultural roots article (Photo: Jad Sarieddine)
From dirt to dirt: Lebanon returns to agricultural roots

Because of a crumbling economy and COVID-19, people in Lebanon have rediscovered a love of farming. Can the agricultural return carry our economy forward?

A protester holding the Lebanese flag runs as protesters block the Jounieh Tripoli highway with flaming tires in Beirut late on June 11, 2020. (Photo: CNN)
Diab holds emergency meeting as protests witness resurgence

Protests erupted across Lebanon on the evening of Thursday, June 11 as the local currency.

ِAbou Arab
Abou Arab “reviews decision” to shut down all branches

Abou Arab reviewed its decision in light of the “relative stability” of the dollar in the past few days and the possible subsidization of food.

IMF: Lebanon's fastest and most dangerous route
Without the power to negotiate with the IMF, Lebanon risks all

The IMF is Lebanon’s fastest and most dangerous course of action.

Drone shot of Beirut \ Rent crisis article
Dollars or nothing: Rent crisis burdens Lebanon’s tenants

The freefall of the Lebanese lira in past months has caused a significant increase in.

Anti-government protester yells at an Internal Security Forces police officer while demonstrating against Lebanon's worsening economic crisis in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo: Bilal Hussein / AP)
Understanding Lebanon and the IMF as economic discussions begin

Lebanon is looking for over $10 billion from the IMF, but that’s an ambitious figure considering international donors’ distrust in the government.