An empty Hamra Street during the COVID-19 lockdown in Lebanon (Photo: Tariq Keblaoui) | Health pandemic in Lebanon
How much longer can Lebanon pull through an economic and health pandemic?

Similar to catching COVID-19, losing a job because of the ongoing pandemic could cost thousands of people –and their families– their entire lives.

Social distancing: It might be necessary, but it isn’t easy

What have you been doing to maintain your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak? Video:.

The historic Saint-Michel Hospital of Amchit, which has been turned into a quarantine space for people who test positive for COVID-19 but do not require medical intervention. (Photo: Garo Kahwajian & Chadi Fares Karam)
COVID-19: Amchit initiative alleviates logistical catastrophe for hospitals

The bold program in Amchit is setting the standard for others to follow.

A dog wears a mask over its mouth on a street in Beijing on February 13, 2020. Pets article on Animals Lebanon
COVID-19: Pets ditched on Beirut streets, animal welfare groups swamped

On misinformation and the economic hardships of both pet owners and animal welfare groups in Lebanon.

Two intensive care professionals comfort each other in the ICU of a hospital in Cremona, Italy , on Friday, March 13, 2020. (Photo: Paolo Miranda / NBC News) - Italian doctors article
Italy calls for new wave of doctors in fight against coronavirus

Could Italy’s problems also arise in Lebanese hospitals?

Scientist Xinhua Yan works at Moderna in Cambridge, on Feb. 28, 2020. (David L. Ryan / Boston Globe via Getty Images) cure / medicine article
The latest trials in search of a cure for COVID-19

The only protective measure against the virus is a vaccine, which has yet to be developed and cannot be given until it meets WHO’s criteria.